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Peugeot 208: Wacky Races

Real Life Penelope PitstopLive Action Wacky RacesReal Life Dick DastardlyWacky Races IRL! Watch this cool advert for the Peugeot 208, which shows the car competing in a live action version of the Hanna-Barbera ’60s classic, Wacky Races. Made by Y&R São Paulo and Partizan, the fun 90 second spot showcases all of the Peugeot 208’s features in the context of a slapstick comedy race against the show’s classic characters.

Aww, poor Muttley!

A-Trak & Tommy Trash – Tuna Melt

ImageIf you’re into domino effect videos, or just appreciate the beauty of some meticulous physics, then you will definitely enjoy this jaw-dropping video for ‘Tuna Melt’. Not overly enamoured with the track, to be honest, but this video is just amazing. Even if you absolutely hate electro, I’d recommend watching it.

MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

Ned Wenlock VideoFactory TownMGMT AnimationWow. This song appears to be over a year old, but I’ve only just heard it and it’s brilliant. I was looking for the original Bauhaus version when I discovered this one and – without wanting to sound disdainful towards MGMT – I was pretty surprised at what a good job they’d done of covering it. Don’t get me wrong, I really like MGMT, but they’re not exactly the kind of band that you listen to and then think: “Yeah, I can tell they’re big fans of Bauhaus.”

Better still, this exquisite video by Ned Wenlock really complements the track and conveys the song’s melancholy lyrics.

Still Corners – Berlin Lovers

Berlin LoversThis video for Still Corners’ new single ‘Berlin Lovers’ is lovely. It was directed by Christian Sorensen Hansen and reminds me a bit of Christiane F, but without the heroin. Imagine that Christiane F. and Detlev are a lot more innocent – just two regular teens who don’t inject smack into their veins, or give strangers handjobs for drug money – and this is pretty much it. Considering the song is called ‘Berlin Lovers’, perhaps the similarities aren’t even a coincidence. Either way, I like it.

The Circular Economy

ImageWhile this idea is likely to be far more complex in practise, this animated video by Mr. Binns explains the concept in a brilliantly simple and engaging way. Sometimes, I feel pretty bad that I’m part of a huge problem and implicit in killing the earth, but the idea of going to live in a yurt, composting my own shit, and becoming one of those earthy white girls with dreadlocks totally repulses me. I like the thought of a ‘circular economy’, because it shifts the responsibility back to the manufacturer, while trying to cut a better deal for the consumer. It seems like this is an effective approach, because most of us are incapable of actually processing waste into something that’s truly useful. I mean, be honest – you’re never actually going to get round to making that Fairy liquid bottle into the crafty thing you saw on Pinterest. Well, you might…I definitely won’t.
In the UK, it seems that the idea of a more collaborative way of consuming is quite appealing – especially when trends and technology change so rapidly. It also seems that, for a lot of us, it’s unlikely that we will ever own a house. We’re already renting our homes – why not rent the things that are in them, too? 

Of course, this new system must have its flaws too, but its core values seem to be hitting the right notes for a more sustainable future.

Trip The Light Fantastic

Jessica Eaton Rainbow CubeJessica Eaton PhotographyJessica Eaton Colour WheelThese vibrant compositions aren’t abstract paintings or prints – they are photographs! The pictures were taken by Montreal-based photographer Jessica Eaton, who uses a method called ‘additive colour separation’ to create these effects. By photographing blocks using motion blur or stepped multiple exposures, Eaton causes the blocks to blend together. There is no digital trickery involved, either. Although Eaton says that digital photography and Photoshop helped her to conceive her work, she uses an analogue 4×5 large format camera.

Kim Pimmel Light StudiesKim Pimmel ExperimentalKim Pimmel Long ExposureWhile the solidity of Jessica Eaton’s pieces make them really intriguing, these light studies by Kim Pimmel possess a fluid movement that works well with the translucency of the neon lights. The San Franciscan UI designer and photographer creates mesmerising long exposure light photographs. To achieve these images, Pimmel uses common objects and simple technology; such as LEDs, phone screens and ping pong balls. More of his light studies are on Flickr, but you should definitely watch his ‘Light Drive‘ video – a stop motion sequence of his light study photographs.

Format: A Brief History of Data Storage

A Brief History of Data Storage‘Format: A Brief History of Data Storage’ is a slickly animated infographic by Alan Warburton, which shows just how sophisticated our modern data storage options are. It’s bizarre to think that, when I was a kid, I used to put my school projects onto a floppy disk – something that you’d struggle to fit a high resolution image onto these days, let alone an MP3 or a AVI file. I like that Warburton has compared digital media with print media. It’s amazing to think that you could fit the contents of ‘a small library’ on one 16GB USB stick, although one has to assume that the library is a very traditional one, and doesn’t loan out books or DVDs.