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Cameron, You’re Doing It Wrong

ImageOh, Dave. That’s not how you show off about your dinner on social media. You’re supposed to take a picture of the actual food – duh!

Confused.com Gets A Rebrand

ImageWell, this feels like it’s long overdue. Every time I saw one of Confused.com’s frequent TV ads, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Why are a company with such a huge marketing budget still using a badly-drawn, goggle-eyed, chronic alopecia sufferer as their mascot?”
Anyway, confused Cara (yes, they actually bothered naming her) has now been retired and they’ve replaced her with a cuddly robot. I guess he is kind of like Wall-E for travel insurance, or something. His name is BRIAN and he was created by Publicis. This is Brian, gazing adoringly at some engineers:Brian The RobotYeah, he is really sweet, actually…robots are kind of adorable when they want to be. But can he rival Zingy, the darling of TV’s current crop of mascots? Confused.com seem to hope so – as BRIAN has his own website and they’re trying  to make #BRIANTheRobot happen on Twitter.

iPhotos iEverywhere

iPhone CityiPhone TaxiiPhone ChildI know that this new iPhone advert is supposed to be poignant and heartwarming, but I actually find it a little but creepy and unnerving. I’ve probably watched too many episodes of ‘Black Mirror’, because this advert just reminds me that we’re under constant surveillance.

Everyone wants to take pictures of everything! I don’t like to think about it too much, but it really freaks me out to think that there is a very real possibility that a complete stranger has taken a picture of me either passed out or wearing a badly-chosen outfit, just so they can upload it to Facebook and get a few derisive ‘Likes’ at my expense. It’s even worse when you think about how this kind of attitude can escalate – like in the recent Steubenville rape case. It’s definitely got to the point now where taking photos all the time hasn’t just become mundane and disposable – like the scenes in the iPhone ad. Gawking and voyeurism is so deeply embedded in contemporary society that it’s become quite disconcerting. Especially because, to some extent, we’re all guilty of it.

With the recent introduction of Google Glass, a campaign group called Stop The Cyborgs have called for the gadget to be banned in certain areas – something which I am definitely in favour of. The BBC article covering the story raises a lot of interesting questions. While it’s definitely true that technology and innovative design makes our lives faster and easier, these new inventions are also shaping our attitudes in ways that very few could have predicted.

Tweetping: Realtime Bullshit

TweetpingTweetping is an impressive website developed by front end developer, Franck Ernewein, that allows you to see Twitter data flickering across your screen in realtime. It’s kind of cool, until you realise the sheer volume of SHITE people are talking on Twitter at any given moment…

The Big Internet Museum

SPAM 1978TBWA‘s most recent project, The Big Internet Museum, offers fascinating insight into how the internet has progressed. The timeline shows when the internet’s most popular websites, memes and developments first came into play. It’s crazy to see how rapidly the internet has developed in the last twenty years or so!Wikipedia 2001LOLCATS 2005Nyan Cat 2011

BBH Robot

BBH Social Media RobotRobotify by BBH Labs is a fun way of illustrating your social media activity across Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. My robot is posted above and I’ve labelled the parts that represent my social media behaviour.

Choupette Lagerfeld in V Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld’s pampered puss features in a spread with Laetitia Casta in V magazine. The fashion world already loves Choupette, and her supposed Twitter account has thousands of followers. Obviously we know that Choupette doesn’t write the tweets herself, but Lagerfeld has already said in a previous interview that she has two maids to look after her, and they keep a diary of her moods when he’s not there! So who knows, maybe they run her Twitter so that Karl can keep tabs on his precious kitty through social media? It’s hard to figure out what actually counts as “ridiculous” to those who are as rich and eccentric as Karl Lagerfeld. However, it’s more likely that it was set up and run by a fashion fan with too much time on their hands and a penchant for comedy.

This is my cat, Misty, by the way. Clearly not as pampered as Choupette but she is a very good breed (Selkirk Rex variant, in case you were wondering) and in this photo she is sleeping on goose down and Egyptian cotton (she thinks my mum’s bed is hers)! Misty is a retired breeding cat, which means that I got a gorgeous healthy pedigree for free.

Remember though, a cat is for life, not just for A/W 12.