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Instagram IRL

Real Life InstagramBrazilian Street Artist InstagramInstagram Art ProjectBrazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro has been creating and placing actual Instagram-style filters in popular London spots since September 2013. The project is ongoing – see the latest ones on the Real Life Instagram Tumblr.

Creepy Panda Hotel Is Creepy.

Panda Hotel PianoPanda Hotel BedroomThere is something quite uncanny about these photos of a panda-themed hotel that opened in 2011 in Hong Kong. The way that these panda mascots are just casually inserted into the hotel’s plush interior gives a chilling, eerie feel to these otherwise dull press shots. These characters could be a sinister mix of the Scream killer, that rabbit from Donnie Darko and Pedobear! The idea of this hotel definitely doesn’t appeal to me, although it is probably more targeted towards families with children.
Also, my thoughts on these images might have been significantly influenced by this hilarious Egyptian campaign for Panda cheese…

Shangri-La: It’s In Our Nature

I’ve only just seen this ad campaign but thought I’d post it because of the wintry imagery and enchanting narrative – it feels kind of festive, plus I absolutely love wolves!

The video was directed by Bruno Aveillan, who was also behind the wonderful ‘L’Odyssée de Cartier’ ad from earlier in the year.

Book Porn

Remember the gorgeous library out of Disney’s Beauty & The Beast? Well, the good news is that places like this really do exist.If you’ve got a bit of a thing for libraries and books, then you should probably have a look at this amazing series by Christoph Seelbach. He’s shot some of Europe’s most enchanting libraries, and Austria appears to have the most. These libraries are mostly monastic libraries, so (fortunately) it’s unlikely that you’d be able to find any trashy books like Fifty Shades Of Grey. However, it’s also unlikely that I’d find any of the novels I’ve enjoyed over the years, such as The Death of Bunny Munro, Kill Your Friends, or A Single Man. Still, these are beautiful institutions and their vast shelves must contain some valuable and fascinating texts.

Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria
Admont Monastery Library, Admont, Austria
Kremsmünster Abbey Library, Kremsmünster, Austria
Melk Abbey Library, Melk, Austria

Objects As Food

These clever print advertisements make inanimate objects look like food to illustrate their point. This Swedish advert for Burger King is specifically for Burger King’s takeaway service. It was made by Shout Advertising. I really want the tote that looks like a can!These B&B Hotels ads are by Publicis Frankfurt, who took the concept of bed and breakfast and made it into a literal representation. Mattresses have been made to look like bread, and bed linen has been cleverly used to portray all manner of foodstuffs, from eggs to lettuce.Photographer Greg Slater took this ‘Killer Fries’ photograph for the American Heart Association campaign. It’s certainly a little melodramatic, but it’s also a hard truth that’s been communicated very effectively.

Metamorphosis of Motel 6

I’ve never stayed in a Motel 6 motel before, so I have no idea what they’re like as a company. However, I love this ad by The Richards Group that shows how a traditional American family have changed while Motel 6 have been in business. It’s very conventional, and the family remains nuclear (no single parent scenarios or same sex couples – this is designed to appeal to your average middle American, after all) but I quite like that about it. It gives it a nostalgic feel throughout, even when the family progress to the contemporary stage, with their modern day car and iPad.