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Interactive Magazine Ad For Motorola

ImageMotorola have run a print ad in the current issue of Wired with the ability to change colour. The reader is able to change the colour of the phone on the advert, with the intention being to highlight the colour customisation feature on the new Moto X smartphone. When I first read about the advert, which was created by Digitas, I wanted to buy a copy of the magazine when it came out so that I could try it out for myself. Unfortunately, only 150,000 Wired readers will get to see the advert, and these copies of the magazine are only being distributed in Chicago and New York. Rude. So, unless you’re one of the smug Chicagoans or New Yorkers who actually got their hands on a proper copy, you will have to watch the video below to see how it works.

Maybe it’s best that I didn’t get a copy of the magazine. I would have wanted to see how it was made, and I would have probably ended up ruining all the fun by doing this to it…Interactive Magazine Advert

“Touch Both Sides For Added Enjoyment”

ImageUrgh. Horrible advert for the PS Vita by TBWA France.

I’m not normally that fazed by the petty sexism that permeates the media and advertising. ‘Sex sells’, I get it…whatever. And while obviously women’s rights are still a more contentious issue today than men’s rights, I do appreciate that in the Western world men come under a fair amount of sneering, scrutiny and gawking from women, too.

Still, this advert by TBWA France really got under my skin. It’s not just the sentiment, it’s that it’s a pretty shitty piece of creative work anyway. “Touch both sides for added enjoyment”, it enthuses, underneath a picture of a woman with four huge tits, a tiny waist and no face. NICE! Great way of saying that women and their breasts are just there just to be touched for the enjoyment of others. Maybe Sony’s console is, but was there really any need to draw a parallel between a mutant woman’s body and an inanimate, electronic play thing?
“Ahh,” you might say, “but the thing is, they are trying to appeal to a core demographic here!” And what demographic is that, then? Predominantly teenage boys and young men – exactly the kind of ‘demographic’ who might benefit from being taught that women aren’t just there to be leered at and groped.
More astonishing still, is that the art director on this ad was actually a woman. This feels like a really cynical and patronising attempt to appeal to men. If women are going to perpetuate these types of images in the media and pander to what they – perhaps misguidedly – believe that men want, then how will these sinister messages come to an end? For men to treat women with respect, then surely we need to give them credit for being intelligent as well.

Shame on you, TBWA France. I thought that French men were progressive types who loved romance, and French women were feisty and cool? You Frenchies should know better! You’ve totally ruined Amélie for me, and Simone de Beauvoir must be turning in her grave…

Fantasy Man Generator

Fantasy Man GeneratorSmile Makers, the manufacturers of cutesy sex toys named after traditionally desirable male stereotypes (‘The Millionaire’, ‘The Fireman’, you get the idea…) have created this microsite which allows you to create a ‘fantasy man’ and put him in a ‘fantasy setting’ and then, um…email him to your friends? The whole exercise feels a little pointless, but I suppose it’s just a bit of promotional fun.Bateman FantasyI ended up half-heartedly making this, so I suppose it means that I’m subconsciously attracted to Patrick Bateman types, which is kind of soul crushing. Actually…doesn’t this guy remind you of Scott Disick? Oh dear.
I guess, it could be worse, when this is an option…CreepyYep, that’s right, it’s the sweaty anorak-wearing weirdo who’s often in your local Spar. Except he’s now wearing animal print underpants and he’s ready for action on, presumably, an 8-year-old girl’s bed. What the fuck?

Studio XO

Studio XO Digital DrapingFollowing Charlie Brooker’s second installation of the futuristic ‘Black Mirror’, and with London Fashion Week just around the corner, it feels apt that Crane TV have featured Studio XO – a fashion collective who I had never heard of until today. These fashion and technology pioneers make science and robotics integral to their pieces, pushing the boundaries of fashion and making garments interesting through interactivity, projection mapping and lighting. Despite the possibilities that new technology has brought us, fashion seems to have remained mostly unchanged by it. While we have developed new fabrics, these are not as comfortable or aesthetically pleasing as their natural counterparts – traditional materials like leather, silk and cashmere are still preferable to polyurethane, polyester and acrylic. The image below shows the amazing dress that Studio XO created with Philips for their Design Probes initiative. It was this brand collaboration which got them noticed and led to them working with the likes of JLS, Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas and Azealia Banks.
Philips Bubble DressWatch the video with Crane TV to get more of an insight into their intriguing work.

The Big Internet Museum

SPAM 1978TBWA‘s most recent project, The Big Internet Museum, offers fascinating insight into how the internet has progressed. The timeline shows when the internet’s most popular websites, memes and developments first came into play. It’s crazy to see how rapidly the internet has developed in the last twenty years or so!Wikipedia 2001LOLCATS 2005Nyan Cat 2011

Azealia Banks – Atlantis

Woah. So following the smokingly chic and understated video for ‘1991‘, Azealia Banks’ new video for ‘Atlantis’ is the embodiment of ‘fashionably ugly‘ graphic design.The aesthetic is all so self-consciously low-tech and nineties, that I almost expected for some Clipart to make an appearance.

Seriously, there’s even a bit where Brush Script lettering is used to spell out some lyrics. I’m not sure I’m into it – I’m too much of a font snob!

It could have been much worse, though. It could have been Comic Sans. I don’t think we’re at the stage where it’s considered ‘funny’ or ‘ironic’ to use Comic Sans, but I’m telling you…that day will inevitably come, and no doubt the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will show up soon after.


Calling all needy people!

Are you the kind of person who constantly needs to be reassured?
Are you lonely?
Could you do with more hugs in your life?
Are you willing to look like a bit of a bellend to get those hugs?
Are you prepared to make do with a vaguely creepy constriction from a garment in place of an actual hug?

Oh great, well in that case you will just love the Like-A-Hug vest from MIT student Melissa Kit Chow. The Like-A-Hug vest is a self-inflating (and self-indulgent) garment which the user can connect to their Facebook profile. For those who aren’t happy with their ego being digitally boosted by the traditional Facebook ‘Like’, you can hook yourself up to your profile so that every ‘Like’ is translated into a weird ‘could almost pass for a hug’ squeeze from the jacket.Chow explains the thought process on her website – “The vest inflates when friends ‘Like’ a photo, video, or status update on the wearer’s wall, thereby allowing us to feel the warmth, encouragement, support, or love that we feel when we receive hugs.”

While I’m sure the technology behind this concept is pretty amazing and innovative, I can’t help but feel that the kind of person who would actually want to wear this would be some kind of seriously sad bastard with stalkerish tendencies.