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Franz Ferdinand – Right Action

Franz Ferdinand Music VideoFranz Ferdinand Saul BassFranz Ferdinand VideoRight Action VideoDiagramFranz Ferdinand Pelican BookI know this song has been around for ages, but I’ve only just seen the video for it and I LOVE IT. It’s such an amazing pastiche of mid-century modern graphic design, referencing Saul Bass, maybe a bit of Kenneth Grange, classic textbook diagrams and – my favourite – those wonderful Pelican book covers.

The video was directed by Jonas Odell, the same guy who did the constructivist-inspired video for ‘Take Me Out‘.

Still Corners – Berlin Lovers

Berlin LoversThis video for Still Corners’ new single ‘Berlin Lovers’ is lovely. It was directed by Christian Sorensen Hansen and reminds me a bit of Christiane F, but without the heroin. Imagine that Christiane F. and Detlev are a lot more innocent – just two regular teens who don’t inject smack into their veins, or give strangers handjobs for drug money – and this is pretty much it. Considering the song is called ‘Berlin Lovers’, perhaps the similarities aren’t even a coincidence. Either way, I like it.

Dead Gaze – I Found The Ending

Dead GazeLove this song. The accordion in it reminds me of ‘This Is The Day’ by The The…except I think I actually prefer this song by Dead Gaze.

UMO – So Good At Being In Trouble

So Good At Being In TroubleGreat new song from Unknown Mortal Orchestra – sounds a bit like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, but it’s also got that funk groove to it that kind of reminds me of Al Green or Marvin Gaye too. Watch the video – the McLovin guy from Superbad takes on a hippie cult and gets smacked over the head with a bottle! That’s pretty much it.

Beach House – Wild

Beach House have released the video for their beautiful new single, “Wild”. Directed by Johan Renck and described as, ‘a series of intense, violent, sexual, and sad moments’, the themes and aesthetic really remind me of ‘Requiem For A Dream’. Much of the video is bathed in a blue-grey hue, making the characters look unhealthy, and the settings look bleak and cold. I like it, apart from the bit in the middle where the song is interrupted so that we can watch the skinny scrapping boys exchange some dull dialogue.

Shields – Mezzanine

Vicky Simmons has directed the video for this feel-good single, titled ‘Mezzanine’. By casting sock puppets as each band member in Shields, she has succeeded in turning the archetypal “I’m so poor I had to make you something” gift into something which is suddenly strangely appealing. Seriously, I’m considering making everyone sock puppets for Christmas this year. Hmmm…

Tame Impala – Elephant

I love this new single by Tame Impala. Although they have still retained their mellow sound, they have added a foot-stomping beat to it and some trippy disco synths. The finished result, titled ‘Elephant’ is incredible! The video, which was created by artist Yoshi Sodeoka, possesses all the attributes that I’ve now come to expect from this genre of music – chromatic effects, kaleidoscopic visuals and vivid colours. This neo-psychedelic aesthetic is beginning to look sort of clichéd and predictable, but I still like it, so I’m not going to whine about the fact that bands are kind of doing it to death.