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“Puss” Means “Kiss” in Swedish

ImageDo you like weird facts and knowing what time it is? Great! You should go to Factoclock – you learn something new every minute.

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Bass Drum Of Death

It’s May and the weather is still awful and a whole load of other stuff isn’t going so well for me either, but I am seeing Bass Drum Of Death at The Black Heart – a tiny venue in Camden – on Thursday. I’ve loved these guys for two years and I haven’t seen them yet so…yay!

New BRMC Material

BRMC Let The Day BeginBRMC Audio ManualThe new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club website is really cool – great design for a really simple idea.BRMC Specter At The FeastAwful American-English spelling aside, I really like ‘Specter At The Feast’, too. I’m looking forward to hearing some of the new songs live at Brixton Academy later in the month. I think my favourites are probably ‘Lullaby’, ‘Hate The Taste’ and ‘Sell It’.

Musical Map

Continuing with the patriotism of Team GB, here is a musical map of great British bands by Pello. It certainly makes me very proud to hail from the North West and live in London – we have definitely got the lion’s share of great UK music!

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SPLASHH – All I Wanna Do

Hazy dreampop from Splashh, accompanied by appropriately lo-fi visuals. Expect big things from them, as they have already been snapped up by Luv Luv Luv Records.

Luv-ly stuff.

Primary Coloured Selfridges

Summer 2012 is supposed to be Britain’s moment. We’ve got the Jubilee and the Olympics, and in true British fashion we’ve got a fuck load of rain to go with it. Everyone’s trying to get in on the act, but at least Selfridges have done a decent job of it, truly evoking the glory years of cool Britannia with their Big British Shop concept store.

But why stop at blue and red, and leave out the Selfridges signature sunny yellow hue? In tandem with the launch of their Big British Shop, Selfridges have also reprised 2009’s The Big Yellow Shop. Everything Pantone 109 can be found there, so for those with sallow complexions – perhaps you’d better steer clear of any clothes that are stocked? Pantone 109 is definitely not my colour.