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Bookworms & Night Owls

Night Time Book Store AdvertCorre Cutia Bookstore Print AdThese illustrated print ads for Corre Cutia Bookstore in Brazil are wonderful. Created by Sao Paulo-based agency Lápisraro Comunicação, they effortlessly convey the feeling of not being able to put down a good book.

Louis Vuitton Spoof

Louis Vuitton JourneysBrilliantly simple spoof of the Louis Vuitton ‘Journeys’ campaign. The original features the likes of Angelina Jolie and Keith Richards, with straplines like, ‘A single journey can change the course of a life’ and ‘Some journeys cannot be put into words’.Angelina Jolie Louis VuittonKeith Richards Louis VuittonAnd here’s the spoof one by Daniel Pianetti, which uses a court photograph of the increasingly ridiculous Lindsay Lohan. The tag line reads: ‘Some journeys have no end.’ Oh, Lindsay…Lindsay Lohan Louis Vuitton


Schweppes Tennis Schweppes PartyAdorable work from ACW Grey in Tel Aviv. I’m always a bit of a sucker for any kind of inanimate object brought to life with a sweet little face (like BMO from ‘Adventure Time’). And it really is an excellent way to ease young children into drinking stylishly! Maybe if, when I was a child, someone had told me that gin & tonic goes together like milk and cookies, I would have put down the biscuit tin and entered my delinquency phase a lot sooner. That is one thing I miss about heavy drinking – I never had to worry about my weight!

Shangri-La: It’s In Our Nature

I’ve only just seen this ad campaign but thought I’d post it because of the wintry imagery and enchanting narrative – it feels kind of festive, plus I absolutely love wolves!

The video was directed by Bruno Aveillan, who was also behind the wonderful ‘L’Odyssée de Cartier’ ad from earlier in the year.

“More Than Just A Centrefold”

I love these new Playboy print ads.  To me, they embody the perfect advert – the image content sums up the product, and uses a fine combination of beauty and wit. Bravo, Y&R Johannesburg and Jesse-Leigh Elford!

The Prince Harry Effect

This print ad from Lynx is hilariously bold, and an impressively rapid response to the stories surrounding Prince Harry’s recent Vegas shenanigans. The advert was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and has appeared in The Sun, which was the first newspaper to publish the pictures of Harry.

I can’t help but wonder if the brand managers for WKD are kicking themselves that Lynx have pipped them to the post on this one? I’m sure that they could have produced a similarly great advert for their product…