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Interactive Magazine Ad For Motorola

ImageMotorola have run a print ad in the current issue of Wired with the ability to change colour. The reader is able to change the colour of the phone on the advert, with the intention being to highlight the colour customisation feature on the new Moto X smartphone. When I first read about the advert, which was created by Digitas, I wanted to buy a copy of the magazine when it came out so that I could try it out for myself. Unfortunately, only 150,000 Wired readers will get to see the advert, and these copies of the magazine are only being distributed in Chicago and New York. Rude. So, unless you’re one of the smug Chicagoans or New Yorkers who actually got their hands on a proper copy, you will have to watch the video below to see how it works.

Maybe it’s best that I didn’t get a copy of the magazine. I would have wanted to see how it was made, and I would have probably ended up ruining all the fun by doing this to it…Interactive Magazine Advert

Miley Virus – At It Again

ImageMiley Cyrus’ latest attempt at relevancy sees her team up with pervy hasbeen, Terry “Uncle Terry” Richardson. The attention-seeking irritant stars in the video for her new song ‘Wrecking Ball’ which, predictably, also features a wrecking ball. We know that Miley Cyrus isn’t afraid to fetishise pretty much anything, and when she touched herself with a huge rubber hand at The VMAs, it bordered on surreal. So maybe it’s not actually that strange that she is still being a bit bothersome towards inanimate objects – this time Cyrus appears to be sexually harassing a building site.

First, she gets off with a sledgehammer…Miley Cyrus Kissing Sledgehammer Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson Miley Cyrus Tongue Miley Cyrus NailsAfter that, Miley strips down to her dusty boots and straddles the wrecking ball like some kind of sex swing.MIley Cryus Wrecking Ball New Miley Cyrus VideoI reckon that the shots of her dry humping a cement mixer and groping a forklift truck must have been cut from the final edit. Fortunately, they left in the bit where Miley slaps herself in the face – think that’s her trying to come across as a bit mental and ‘complex’, kind of like what Kate Nash is always trying to do.

Carnovsky X Missoni

Carnovsky ZigzaggingMissoni Zigzagging InstallationCarnovsky MissoniWoahh! For Milan Design Week, Carnovsky worked with Missoni on this amazing installation, inspired by the brand’s signature zigzag pattern.

Tesco’s Month of Doom

Tesco Chip Shop AwardsIt’s been a rough old month for Tesco, what with the horsemeat scandal. Although the contamination affected many supermarkets, Tesco has taken most of the flack for it. However, that’s not even the only problem they’ve had to deal with. Check out this slew of negative headlines from February alone!

Tesco Heroin Bread Tesco HorsemeatTesco Armband Tesco Clubcard FraudDead Bird Tesco Salad Tesco Worst SupermarketTesco Van Horse Death Tesco Builders BumOuch. When I read the ‘Builder’s bum’ story, I couldn’t help but think that it was a truly tenuous attempt by The Mansfield and Ashfield Chad to stick the knife in! So what have Tesco done to try and combat this backlash? What could possibly help to restore the public’s faith in the company after this tidal wave of bad publicity?
Mel C TescoAhh, yes, honouring everyone’s least favourite Spice Girl with a ‘Mum of the Year’ award should do the trick!

I think that their PR director must have spent most of February crying themselves to sleep, before restlessly dreaming about waking up in the morning to this…Horsehead

WE ARE Collision: Issue Launch Party!

WE ARE COLLISION PARTYTHIS SUNDAY, we’re throwing a party! Yes, that’s right, we are celebrating ourselves!

It’s at the W Hotel in Soho and we’re co-hosting with Haus of Lux PR and Cristina Sabaiduc. Drinks are being provided by ABSOLUT vodka and Alibi. Obviously, copies of the second issue will be available, too.

Email: RSVP@wearecollision.com if you want to come along. Unless I hate you, in which case…don’t embarrass yourself!


While some social media gaffes are pretty serious, this weekend English Heritage proved that sometimes mistakes are easily forgivable, especially when you ‘fess up in such a cute way. Below, you can see their first Facebook post alerting fans to the supposed lie-in they could look forward to on Sunday…swiftly followed by a new post admitting their mistake. Cleverly, they used a photograph of Stonehenge on their second post, so although it served as an apology, the post also promotes a different English Heritage destination. Very nicely done indeed!

PRISM by Keiichi Matsuda

The 2012 London Design Festival sees Veuve Clicquot team up with Keiichi Matsuda and The Victoria & Albert Museum to present ‘PRISM’, a digital art installation which is displayed in a part of the V&A that visitors have never had the chance to visit before. I managed to get tickets for the very last day of the tour, so I’m looking forward to seeing Matsuda’s piece. ‘PRISM’ uses data from UCL CASA’s CityDashboard and other open data sources, to visualise London on the sculptures many facets. The above images are both digital renderings of the piece, but now it’s complete some photographs of the sculpture have began to surface.