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HAERTS – Wings

HAERTS BandHAERTS are female-fronted band of four guys and one girl, who hail from Brooklyn, New York. Their first single is a beautifully tender piece of lo-fi pop, set to a montage of home video-style clips. I’ve looked for other stuff by them, but this song is the only one I can find. I’m guessing that as it’s on Vevo, they are already on the brink of mainstream success. Judging by ‘Wings’, they sound pretty great and I hope the rest of their songs live up to expectations. Lead singer Nini Fabi’s vocals are sweet, but powerful – like a mixture of Gwen Stefani and Stevie Nicks.

This song is sort of what I was hoping for when I first listened to HAIM. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed.

Jagwar Ma – The Throw

Jagwar Ma video‘The Throw’ is the latest single from Australian band, Jagwar Ma. It’s so euphoric and makes me excited for summer. The video is pretty cool, too – just what you’d expect from this upbeat psych-pop track. I only heard it today and I’ve already listened to it five times!

Carousels – Over Me

Carousels bandHere is my favourite song off the ‘Pop’ EP from Cambridge-based shoegazers, Carousels. This isn’t the official video, but someone on Youtube has combined ‘Over Me’ with some nice clips of everyone’s favourite narcoleptic – River Phoneix’s character in ‘My Own Private Idaho’! Drink it in with your eyes and ears…

Ellen Von Unwerth: Do Not Disturb

Ellen Von Unwerth has released a deliciously sleazy and kitsch video following her recent ‘Do Not Disturb’ exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery this summer. Styled like some kind of high-end, retro, pay-per-view channel, it will appeal to any voyeuristic fashion fan. It’s almost verging on being a little bit too pornographic, but the fun soundtrack keeps it cute and lighthearted, featuring the likes of Tom Tom Club, Cameo and Marvin Gaye.
You can watch it over on the Vs. Magazine site – naturally, it’s NSFW!

Shields – Mezzanine

Vicky Simmons has directed the video for this feel-good single, titled ‘Mezzanine’. By casting sock puppets as each band member in Shields, she has succeeded in turning the archetypal “I’m so poor I had to make you something” gift into something which is suddenly strangely appealing. Seriously, I’m considering making everyone sock puppets for Christmas this year. Hmmm…

Musical Map

Continuing with the patriotism of Team GB, here is a musical map of great British bands by Pello. It certainly makes me very proud to hail from the North West and live in London – we have definitely got the lion’s share of great UK music!