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Dita Von Teese Models First 3D Printed Dress

ImageThis elaborate, lattice design dress is a collaboration between stage costumier Michael Schmidt and the innovative Francis Bitonti Studio, based in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Schmidt has created stage outfits for some of the most outlandish and exciting performers – from Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, Courtney Love and Grace Jones to Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and – obviously – Dita Von Teese. Schmidt’s design for the gown is based on the Fibonacci sequence and was 3D modelled by Francis Bitonti, before finally being 3D printed in Nylon by Shapeways. Once the 17 separate pieces of the garment were completed, they were dyed black, lacquered and embellished with over 13,000 Swarovski crystals.3D Printed Gown DetailDita also wore the dress at the unveiling at New York’s Ace Hotel last night.Dita Von Teese Ace HotelAlthough the cartoon-like burlesque star said that the dress was quite comfortable and ‘super light’, I’m not entirely convinced. Undoubtedly, the dress looks pretty cool, but it seems like it didn’t take her long to change out of the gown into a more practical Roland Mouret shift dress.

WE ARE Collision: Issue Launch Party!

WE ARE COLLISION PARTYTHIS SUNDAY, we’re throwing a party! Yes, that’s right, we are celebrating ourselves!

It’s at the W Hotel in Soho and we’re co-hosting with Haus of Lux PR and Cristina Sabaiduc. Drinks are being provided by ABSOLUT vodka and Alibi. Obviously, copies of the second issue will be available, too.

Email: RSVP@wearecollision.com if you want to come along. Unless I hate you, in which case…don’t embarrass yourself!


You might ask me, “Lëonië, what are your events for this most momentous of occasions?”
Well, obviously I will be paying homage to Drew Droege in a pre-Hallmark holiday blog post.

On Valienteensdy itself, you can find me imbibing free Havana Club rum and having my nails done, with the fabulous Miss Anna Volosenko! I’ll be wearing a latex playsuit…and a vintage tinsel headpiece. Rum Kitchen X Village Bicycle PartyNaturally, I’ll be covering the party for WE ARE Collision magazine.


BANKSBanks is a really intriguing singer/songwriter from LA. I can’t find a whole lot of information on her at the moment, but the track that first caught my attention is ‘Before I Ever Met You’ – a dark, bass-heavy ode to toxic relationships. Imagine if Rihanna got tired of Chris Brown and collaborated with Massive Attack – this is what I reckon it would sound like.

If you prefer your music a bit more uptempo, then you should listen to the collaboration that Banks did with Lil Silva. I fully expect to hear this played to death during London Fashion Week, and if it’s not, well…that’s a shame. This sounds like such fashion music – I mean, it’s even called ‘Work’!

Avoid A Same Dress Disaster

Harvey Nichols Same DressThis time last year, Harvey Nichols helpfully showed us poor, clueless girlies how to avoid looking like a slaggy trainwreck – basically if you do the ‘walk of shame’ in a designer outfit, then somehow it’s not shameful at all, and you won’t look like the fat slutbag pictured below. Look, see how that passing woman in the sensible black coat gives her a look of pure scorn – and so she should!Harvey Nichols Walk of ShameNow, Harvey Nichols have returned for the party season with some pointers on how to avoid the awkward ‘same dress scenario’ – simply buy a dress that no one else at the party can afford, duh!

Ellen Von Unwerth: Do Not Disturb

Ellen Von Unwerth has released a deliciously sleazy and kitsch video following her recent ‘Do Not Disturb’ exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery this summer. Styled like some kind of high-end, retro, pay-per-view channel, it will appeal to any voyeuristic fashion fan. It’s almost verging on being a little bit too pornographic, but the fun soundtrack keeps it cute and lighthearted, featuring the likes of Tom Tom Club, Cameo and Marvin Gaye.
You can watch it over on the Vs. Magazine site – naturally, it’s NSFW!

Sexed Up

According to Mean Girls, “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”. I remember a golden age of innocence when, at one time, all the girls who wanted to dress slutty had to either put together their own outfit (the fun option), or choose something boring and obvious and kind of lame from Leg Avenue. But nowadays, you can get all kinds of, um, ‘sexy’ costumes…If you love weiners and weeners, this seductive hotdog costume is definitely for you! Better still, your friends can come along as mustard and ketchup. Mmm, sexy condiments!Looking to score with a younger man? You’ll want to go as a popular children’s cartoon character such as sexy Fozzie or slutface Cookie Monster. If the person you’re trying to impress just happens to be an immature stoner type, you’ll probably want to go as slaggy Brian from Family Guy. Yep, that’s a real thing that someone came up with – dressing a woman up as a sexy male dog cartoon character.If you’re heading to a party where the crowd are maybe a little artsy or pretentious, they’ll appreciate it if you’ve made the effort to go for something a bit more creative. What about going as some kind of promiscuous crayon? On the other hand, you could go as an etch-a-sketch sex object named Sketchy Sally – there’s scope for an excellent ice breaker about “knob twiddling” with that one! Fnar, fnar!Or maybe you could go as a sex rooster or, umm…okay, I honestly have no idea what that pink costume is supposed to be, but at least it looks like Mischa Barton’s getting work again! Go Mischa!