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City Abyss

City by City AbyssPuppet Mechanism by City AbyssWeakly by City AbyssCity Abyss IllustratorCity Abyss, real name Beata Szczecinska, is an illustrator who lives and works in Poland. A lot of her work combines fashion collage and illustration with the aesthetics of architectural drawings. Considering that I have a soft spot for both fashion and architecture, it’s clear to see why Beata’s impressive portfolio charms me so much. I’m clearly not the only one who is a fan – she has created editorial pieces for the likes of Muse Magazine, ELLE Decoration and Computer Arts Magazine. More examples of her work can be seen on her official website, Cityabyss.com.

Fashion Illustrated

I always really enjoy editorials where the boundaries have been pushed beyond fashion photography, which is ubiquitous and – in the worst cases – entirely forgettable.Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono has applied his drawings to photo shoots in both Free! Magazine and Womagz. His surreal, gothic illustration adds a fantastical ‘Alice In Wonderland’ touch to what would otherwise be a fairly nondescript feature.

In 2010, ‘FACE/project’ saw German painter and illustrator Tina Berning join forces with prolific Italian fashion photographer Michelangelo di Battista for a show in Berlin that exhibited some inspiring collaborative work. Berning’s delicate illustrative art served to highlight and complement the sculpted features of models captured by di Battista’s lens.

Dazed & Confused‘s June 2012 issue featured an editorial inspired by the works of fashion illustrator René Gruau. But unlike other editorials, there wasn’t much post-production involved, as the models were actually ‘illustrated’ on with makeup! Models Ava Smith, Codie Young and Madison Headrick were made to look like rough sketches by makeup artist Yadim.Gruau was one of the best known artists in the haute couture world during the 1940s and 50s. Famous for his fashion illustration from the age of 14, by 18, Gruau had been published all over the world. He was a favourite of designers like Pierre Balmain, Balenciaga, Lanvin and Hubert de Givenchy. Undoubtedly though, he was best known for the illustrations in the Miss Dior and Rouge Baiser print ads while he was artistic director for advertising at Dior. Together, René Gruau and Christian Dior formed the ‘New Look’ of the time.

Sisley – Don’t Depend On Anyone

This Sisley S/S 2012 campaign is great, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. The images all fit with the slogan perfectly, and the photography by Kurt Stallaert is absolutely stunning.

Do Not Disturb

As I’ve mentioned before, I bloody love Ellen Von Unwerth’s photography. Back in 2009, when she showcased her work for ‘Fräulein’ at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, I intended to go along and see it for myself. But as is the case for those of us who find ourselves pushed for time and money, and who are so often trying to align their schedules with friends who are similarly pushed for time and money, I ended up missing the show altogether. Much to my delight though, the legendary model-turned-photographer is now back at the Michael Hoppen Gallery. The new exhibition is called ‘Do Not Disturb’, and was shot at the curious Madonna Inn, Los Angeles. The rooms at The Madonna Inn are kind of hilarious, like a back catalogue of regrettable interior design trends over the years! Yet somehow, Von Unwerth has worked her magic, and through her lense the flamboyant themed rooms suddenly look boudoir-esque, retro and chic – beautifully complementing Von Unwerth’s distinctive style. Whether coquettish and gamine, or curvaceous and bold, Von Unwerth’s women always exude a blatant and irresistible sensuality. While her previous soft B&W shots evoked old Hollywood glamour, the saturated colours in Do Not Disturb look like what I’d imagine David LaChappelle might produce if he tried to create something subtle and tasteful…for a change.

‘Do Not Disturb’ runs until August 31st at The Michael Hoppen Gallery in Chelsea.

Lego Meth Lab

Solid proof that replicating things using Lego instantly transforms them into something adorably cool. Here is the meth lab out of Breaking Bad in Lego form. I never thought I’d say this about a meth lab, but…isn’t it sweet? Well played to whoever made it, it must have taken a lot of thought! The attention to detail on this is incredible.
More images here.

And Dior Created Woman


Gorgeous summery sixties ad for Dior Addict, starring the beautiful Daphné Groeneveld. Do you recognise the song? It’s “I Love You Ono” by Stereo Total and it was also used by Sony in one of their camcorder ads! That’s how I first heard it, anway.

Emporio Armani AW 2012

Oh wow.This new campaign film from Emporio Armani is so exquisite. Shot by Alasdair McLellan in Tokyo, it somehow manages to recall the electrifying visuals of Gaspar Noé’s ‘Enter The Void’, but slows the pace and adds a contemplative soundtrack – echoing the melancholy that runs through Tetsuya Nakashima’s ‘Confessions’.