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David Bowie X Louis Vuitton

ImageDavid Bowie has been the star of a number of beautiful videos in 2013 – notably his own, which have been directed by the sickeningly talented Floria Sigismondi. In the Louis Vuitton campaign film ‘L’Invitation au Voyage’, directed by Romain Gavras, Bowie performs a unique version of ‘I’d Rather Be High’ for Arizona Muse at a lavish Venetian party…or does he? You can watch the full director’s cut below.

This luxurious, high end advert is in complete contrast to Romain Gavras’ usual body of work – which includes gritty, controversial videos for the likes of M.I.A and Adidas. I find it quite surprising that Vuitton enlisted him to direct this video, but I’m glad they did.

Brand Addiction

This wry GIF, by New York-based illustrator Beomyoung Sohn, is part of a project called ‘Dummymen‘. The repetitive animation shows our mindless addiction to brands and consumerism as well as, presumably, our loss of individuality as a result. The project, which is still a work in progress, has got a really dark, nihilistic humour to it that reminds me of work by Banksy and Jake and Dinos Chapman. It’s amazing how many brand logos have been squeezed onto all the faces of each block; every time I think I’ve spotted all of them, I’ll see one that I haven’t noticed yet – like the ones for CNN and FedEx, which are partly hidden.

If you like this, then you’ll probably like the hilariously horrible cartoon by Steve Cutts that I posted previously.

Louis Vuitton Spoof

Louis Vuitton JourneysBrilliantly simple spoof of the Louis Vuitton ‘Journeys’ campaign. The original features the likes of Angelina Jolie and Keith Richards, with straplines like, ‘A single journey can change the course of a life’ and ‘Some journeys cannot be put into words’.Angelina Jolie Louis VuittonKeith Richards Louis VuittonAnd here’s the spoof one by Daniel Pianetti, which uses a court photograph of the increasingly ridiculous Lindsay Lohan. The tag line reads: ‘Some journeys have no end.’ Oh, Lindsay…Lindsay Lohan Louis Vuitton

Films of Fashion

Films of FashionFilms of Fashion is a brilliant online destination for a bit of frivolous escapism. Acting as a growing compendium of fashion films, it’s a great resources website which allows you to revisit well-known campaigns by the likes of Louis Vuitton and Agent Provocateur, while also discovering hidden gems by smaller labels and magazines. The layout is large, clean and user-friendly, and the video quality is excellent.Miu Miu 2010Louis Vuitton L'Invitation au VoyageThe Crush Fashion Film

Louis Vuitton Presents: Voyage dans le Temps

Jérémie Rozan, founder of Surface to Air, has directed an excitingly futuristic video for Louis Vuitton’s jewelley line. Soundtracked by Justice’s ‘Planisphere‘, and starring Alana Zimmer, everything works together perfectly. See it for yourself by watching the video!

Louis Vuitton Bananas

Kazuki Guzmán has recreated Louis Vuitton’s signature print on bananas! The natural properties of the banana mean that the skins can be “etched” into.

Yayoi Kusama: Princess of the Polka Dots

This is a really nice film about Yayoi Kusama by Louis Vuitton. It’s an excellent roundup of her work, set to a whimsical little piece of music.

I especially appreciate this, because when I went to see the Kusama exhibition at Tate Modern, I had planned on going back through the exhibition to revisit some of my favourite pieces, you know, maybe see how her recent work compared to her earlier stuff – that kind of thing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to do this, because once I’d reached the end of the exhibition and attempted to turn back, some horrible old bat with a large polka-tentacle on her face (it was some kind of mole, but I’d like to think that her growth sort of resembled something Yayoi Kusama would see on her anyway) told me that there was “no re-entry”. This didn’t really make sense as I hadn’t actually left the exhibition, but never mind. I mean, whatever. I’m not bitter about it or anything…