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Diddo’s Cocaine Skull

ImageCheck out this new piece by Diddo, who I previously featured because of his beautifully extravagant piece ‘The Cure For Greed’. This latest commission was for a private client, who I’m willing to bet is some kind of professional gangster, or at least likes to think they are. The skull is made of cocaine, held together by just a small amount of gelatin! Diddo Cocaine SkullChances are that you can’t afford to have an artist create a conversation piece for you out of something like cocaine, which is both illegal and expensive, but how about having your skull with a different kind of Colombian export?Skull Coffee You can easily get hold of some sugar skulls on Etsy, but these ones by Snowviolent are the best I’ve seen.Sugar CrossbonesSugar skullActually, I think I kind of prefer these because of the scale. I’m always impressed by tiny, intricately-crafted things.

Drink It In

ImageReally nice prints from TR Art Studios – and very reasonably priced, too! Buy one for yourself, or for the recovering alcoholic whose downfall you’ve been plotting or something.

Sorry…think I’ve been watching too much Dallas lately.

Creepy Panda Hotel Is Creepy.

Panda Hotel PianoPanda Hotel BedroomThere is something quite uncanny about these photos of a panda-themed hotel that opened in 2011 in Hong Kong. The way that these panda mascots are just casually inserted into the hotel’s plush interior gives a chilling, eerie feel to these otherwise dull press shots. These characters could be a sinister mix of the Scream killer, that rabbit from Donnie Darko and Pedobear! The idea of this hotel definitely doesn’t appeal to me, although it is probably more targeted towards families with children.
Also, my thoughts on these images might have been significantly influenced by this hilarious Egyptian campaign for Panda cheese…

Sony Music’s Timeline

The Sony Music Timeline was commissioned by Sony’s Emma Pike, VP Industry Relations, and created by illustrator and graphic designer Alex Fowkes. Photography by Rob Antill.The timeline chronologically documents Sony’s 125 year history, and dates right back to Columbia’s inception in 1887. Along with featuring the names of over 1,000 artists signed to Sony Music, the timeline also includes key moments in music history, such as the introduction of different music formats and the birth of MTV.

Sony have had some really seminal artists on its label, but I can’t help but feel a bit glum when I look at the last image under the “2010” heading. Sony has gone from nurturing the talents of the likes of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to signing dullards like Matt Cardle, The Vaccines, Hurts and Diana Vickers! I only hope that having this timeline in the Derry Street headquarters might make Sony’s current day staff strive to be a bit more like those who came before them, picking up credible artists who are actually worthy of celebrating.

However, regardless of who Sony decides to sign next, Alex Fowkes is certainly sitting pretty. He will be developing the timeline for the foreseeable future, adding the names of new acts and continuing to document important milestones in the world of music. Nice work if you can get it!

Bright Shiny IKEA

Mother London‘s new advert for IKEA is titled ‘Bright Shiny Colours’ and, as you might expect from the title, it draws inspiration from a veritable smörgåsbord of fun pop culture influences – from Flashdance to Sesame Street and from Mary Poppins to Alice In Wonderland. The advert is soundtracked by 99 Trees covering a Shirelles song, and sees a woman dancing around her initially blank minimalist apartment, until it is gradually filled with colour and light. Sadly for us mere mortals, we can’t redecorate simply by jumping into our dishwashers and dancing out of cupboards, but it’s a nice video all the same!  

The spot was produced by Blink Ink and directed by David Wilson.

Lee Broom’s Modernised Classics

Lee Broom is a furniture designer who combines lighting elements with classic styles of furniture to form a wonderful pastiche of interior design trends.Broom’s crystal bulbs are made in collaboration with experts at Cumbria Crystal, the sole remaining producer of handmade English full lead crystal in the UK. Each ‘bulb’ actually contains an LED light inside, instead of the traditional filament, and this means that the LED can be replaced when it finally expires.
Part of a limited edition of twenty-five, the ‘Electric Louis’ is hand carved in Mahogany, lacquered to a high gloss finish and then accented with neon lighting. This chair is so gorgeously feminine and sexy! It feels really weird describing a piece of furniture as “feminine” or “sexy”, but I think it would work so well in a look book for Agent Provocateur or an Ellen Von Unwerth photograph.Based on a classic Chesterfield design, the buttons on this overstuffed leather chair have been replaced with LED light fittings and capped with a fairground bulb casing. The lights can be programmed to move in the same way a fairground ride would, or they can be programmed to be still.

In This House…

When it comes to interior design, if you’re going to have something written on your wall, it should be succinct. For example, the people who went and got this manifesto inscribed on their wall could have saved a lot of time and money if they had just changed it to, “In this house…we are patronising bellends.”