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Instagram IRL

Real Life InstagramBrazilian Street Artist InstagramInstagram Art ProjectBrazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro has been creating and placing actual Instagram-style filters in popular London spots since September 2013. The project is ongoing – see the latest ones on the Real Life Instagram Tumblr.

Tweetping: Realtime Bullshit

TweetpingTweetping is an impressive website developed by front end developer, Franck Ernewein, that allows you to see Twitter data flickering across your screen in realtime. It’s kind of cool, until you realise the sheer volume of SHITE people are talking on Twitter at any given moment…

Terrible Advice.

Coca-Cola Work It Out‘Great music can put the fun into vacuuming,’ claim Coca-Cola on their Work It Out microsite, ‘Crank up a fast-paced tune and burn some calories while you clean!’ they enthuse.

I really love Coca-Cola, but this site is ridiculously patronising and this is the stupidest fucking workout advice I’ve ever heard. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a decent ‘fast-paced tune’ and thought to myself, “You know what would make this track even better? The sound of a roaring hoover!”

The New Pointillism

I don’t have fond memories of first learning about pointillism in secondary school. I hated the dull little scenes made out of dots, hated the distinctive impressionist colour palette…and especially hated having to imitate the style by creating a picture using cotton buds. No wonder the style was first ridiculed when it was an emerging movement! However, these modern incarnations of pointillism are definitely to be admired – the creation of texture and depth through the use of fragmented marks is really surprising in some instances.

Federico Pietrella has used date stamps to build up these images. Really quite amazing when you think about rubber stamps – one thing that I always remember about those tricky fuckers is that the ink would very rarely distribute itself evenly.

Eric Daigh‘s pushpin portraits have a great pop art quality to them, and the scale means that Daigh hasn’t sacrificed any detail by using this ‘unorthodox medium’.

Christian Faur‘s images remind me of anaglyphs. Using crayons to form the subject has added a rich variety of tone and depth because of the pointed wax tips.

The Human Printer is a project by Louise Naunton Morgan, who painstakingly recreates old printing techniques by hand.

Koalas To The Max is a fun little site that I found through The Useless Web. If you’ve got a bit of time to kill, then you can reveal an image made of dots just by using your mouse – no skill or cotton buds required!

The Big Internet Museum

SPAM 1978TBWA‘s most recent project, The Big Internet Museum, offers fascinating insight into how the internet has progressed. The timeline shows when the internet’s most popular websites, memes and developments first came into play. It’s crazy to see how rapidly the internet has developed in the last twenty years or so!Wikipedia 2001LOLCATS 2005Nyan Cat 2011


Remember Chatroulette? The site that you’d go on for a laugh, and nine times out of ten you’d end up having to click “Next” on a load of anonymous erections before finally finding someone you could talk shit to? Well, Brussels-based agency Famous have taken that bizarre internet fad and used the concept to make something adorably useful. Catroulette is a site which allows cat enthusiasts to watch videos of cats. The difference is that these cats are actually up for adoption and so, if you happen to live in Belgium, owning the kitty you see onscreen can actually become a reality. When I used the site, this seriously chilled out cat was still available…
Pretty cool for an adoption drive, although Pedigree Chum‘s award-winning Doggleganger site from last year is still top of its game. Developed by Colenso BBDO, the site uses facial recognition software, to pair you with a real-life homeless dog that looks like you. Even if you’re slightly skeptical about the software’s accuracy, you can’t deny that it’s a good idea – it’s so flattering! The below screen grab shows the classy hound that it decided I’d be best taking home with me – a sweet glossy-maned, Beagle mix puppy.Aww, Doggleganger, you’re too kind! If I lived in Auckland, I’d definitely be sold that this little pup was meant for me.

Viral Stars Team Up With Brands

Remember this spoof viral video that ad agency John St. made?

Well, it seems as though they weren’t that far wrong, as UNIQLO and Virgin America have recruited Maru and Boo, respectively, to get their brands some easy internet attention.

Japanese clothing retailer, UNIQLO, have selected Maru – the adorably fat cat with a penchant for climbing into boxes – to star in the interactive Lucky Cube game.I played this game twice, and both times Maru picked the ‘mystery prize’, which turned out to be a free track by some Portland singer-songwriter who I’d neither heard of, nor cared about. At the end, I was prompted to input my details in order to claim my prize, but not even Maru’s sweet face could convince me. I was really disappointed in him, especially when he had been so close to winning me a blimp ride…apparently.

Virgin America, on the other hand, opted to keep things simple and upload a behind-the-scenes video of a photoshoot they’d done with Boo.

The video has accumulated over 150,000 views in the space of a week. The internet’s certainly not going batshit crazy for it or anything, but that is still a pretty decent statistic!