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Bits ‘n’ Bobs

Colourful baggiesOld cinema ticketsColourful ephemera found on Designspiration. One of my favourite ways to waste time is to play around with the colour palette feature on Designspiration. Sometimes really nice images appear as a result of what you might think would be a gross colour combination.

Franz Ferdinand – Right Action

Franz Ferdinand Music VideoFranz Ferdinand Saul BassFranz Ferdinand VideoRight Action VideoDiagramFranz Ferdinand Pelican BookI know this song has been around for ages, but I’ve only just seen the video for it and I LOVE IT. It’s such an amazing pastiche of mid-century modern graphic design, referencing Saul Bass, maybe a bit of Kenneth Grange, classic textbook diagrams and – my favourite – those wonderful Pelican book covers.

The video was directed by Jonas Odell, the same guy who did the constructivist-inspired video for ‘Take Me Out‘.

Lego Technic

Lego Technic DVD Player
Really nice adverts for Lego Technic by J and L. I automatically assumed that they were done by Todd McLellan when I first saw them, but no, they just look quite similar. Well, really similar, actually…01_86-87_chainsawStill don’t see it? How about now?Disassembly Todd McLellanI guess that imitation is the highest form of flattery…

Evan Hecox’s Paintings on Newspaper

Ideal HosieryI’m totally in love with these Evan Hecox pieces and his overall artistic style. Not only do these paintings make me want to own some of Hecox’s work, but they make me want to start making art of my own again. The fusion of painting and collage works so well – the use of gouache paint is so precise and skilled, but the vintage newspaper adds in a Dadaist influence which offsets what might otherwise be bland, figurative perfection. However, to my mind these compositions are perfect. I want them all!Bethnal GreenEvan Hecox Garry JewelersJJS Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge Evan Hecox

Exit Through The Gift Shop

The Museum Collection of Antoni & Alison is a quirky branding feature on the Antoni & Alison websiteOnce you have seen all the items in the digital ‘museum’, you’re then prompted to visit the online shop where you can browse and buy items from the current Antoni & Alison collection.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet

It’s here! Lana Del Rey’s advert for H&M’s winter range. I’m not sure if this is the advert in full, but it’s certainly a nice little preview, and everything that I expected it to be. Lana Del Rey covers Bobby Vinton’s ‘Blue Velvet’ in a surreal, slightly unnerving Lynchian setting. However, her performance is cut short by a disgruntled midget switching off the music, leaving the audience to giggle at a bemused Del Rey. Pretty cute, and not too overdone – just the right side of strange and enigmatic.

Bright Shiny IKEA

Mother London‘s new advert for IKEA is titled ‘Bright Shiny Colours’ and, as you might expect from the title, it draws inspiration from a veritable smörgåsbord of fun pop culture influences – from Flashdance to Sesame Street and from Mary Poppins to Alice In Wonderland. The advert is soundtracked by 99 Trees covering a Shirelles song, and sees a woman dancing around her initially blank minimalist apartment, until it is gradually filled with colour and light. Sadly for us mere mortals, we can’t redecorate simply by jumping into our dishwashers and dancing out of cupboards, but it’s a nice video all the same!  

The spot was produced by Blink Ink and directed by David Wilson.