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Schwartz: The Sound of Taste

New Schwartz Advert 2014I really enjoyed this new TV spot for Schwartz, which is so visually pleasing and satisfying to watch. It’s also reminiscent of Sony’s recent 4KTV commercial, or the Canon Pixma ad by Dentsu, but I think that Grey – the agency behind this advert – have made the concept work for Schwartz and injected just the right amount of originality into it. The naturally vibrant colours look gorgeous together, and I like the way that they have decided to mix futuristic robo-appliances with those rustic spice sacks.

Pilot Extra Fine

Remember these ingenious print adverts from Grey? Well, now they have reprised the series with more macro scrawlings to promote just how fine the Pilot fineliners really are. Check it out…

Sara Cwynar’s Accidental Archives

The concept behind these photographs by Canadian photographer Sara Cwynar is so simple, but amazingly effective. These studies in colour remind me of the work of one of my favourite artists, Tony Cragg, and I’m also drawn to them because of the way that they are grouped together in such an organised fashion. I’d love to do something similar with my own possessions – it would be interesting to see what colour dominates the things that I own.

3M Lint Rollers

Wow. These print advertisements for 3M’s lint rollers are excellent. They were masterminded by Grey and are so cute and funny. I think the rabbit one is probably my favourite! I’d never even owned a lint roller before I got a cat – any bits of fluff could usually be removed with a small bit of sticky tape wrapped around my hand. Now that I have a cat, I tend to stockpile the things. 3M have definitely pinned down their core target market with these ads!