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Schwartz: The Sound of Taste

New Schwartz Advert 2014I really enjoyed this new TV spot for Schwartz, which is so visually pleasing and satisfying to watch. It’s also reminiscent of Sony’s recent 4KTV commercial, or the Canon Pixma ad by Dentsu, but I think that Grey – the agency behind this advert – have made the concept work for Schwartz and injected just the right amount of originality into it. The naturally vibrant colours look gorgeous together, and I like the way that they have decided to mix futuristic robo-appliances with those rustic spice sacks.


I’ve just discovered this agency called Praline, and they’ve done some beautiful stuff, mainly in publishing. Check out some of my favourite publications below. Praline Richard RogersRichard Rogers PralineRichard Rogers + Architects: From The House To The City by Fiell Publishing

Information Graphics PralineTaschen PralineInformation Graphics by Taschen

Praline Polpo BookPolpo Book PralinePOLPO: A Venetian Cookbook (Of Sorts) by Bloomsbury Publishing

Admittedly, when I was Googling “praline”, I wasn’t looking for a design agency…I was obviously looking for some indulgent recipes. Then I got distracted by Praline’s amazing body of work and soon found that my cravings for sweet things had vanished. Weird. Maybe that’s going to be the next big dieting fad – the design diet? Although if that worked, surely I’d be skinny as a rake by now!

Black Pudding MacaWRONGs!

ImageBelieve it or not, those delectable looking treats in the picture above aren’t dark chocolate macarons. They are actually black pudding macarons by Jane Russell, of Jane Russell’s Original Irish Handmade Sausages. I adore macarons, and I probably love black pudding even more, but I’m just not sure about putting the two of them together! It’s such a bizarre combination; I’d definitely want to try it if I got the chance.

Hot Toddy Sorbet

HOT TODDY SORBETI’m not feeling very well and I could really do with some of this right now! It’s made by an American ice cream and sorbet brand, called Jeni’s, and has got all the ingredients of a hot toddy but in a throat-numbing sorbet – mmm! The recipe contains cayenne pepper, ginger, Maker’s Mark bourbon, honey, orange and lemon juices.

The Rodnik Band Put the Fun in FASH-UN!

Rodnik Band Pop Art CollectionFor those who don’t know, The Rodnik Band is the fashion label by London-based Scotsman, Philip Colbert. The line is really fantastical, and reminds me of some of my favourite designers, like  Jeremy Scott and Jean Charles de Castelbajac. While these designers don’t really reflect my personal style, they embody some of the things that I love most about fashion – that whole cartoonish aspect, and indulgent outfits that celebrate being ridiculous and surreal. I really wish that more people wore outlandish clothes like this – it kind of bores me to see the rich and famous making such sensible and subdued fashion choices! I mean, when you have that much cash, would you ever need to justify something as an ‘investment piece’ ever again?

Below are some images from The Rodnik Band’s latest collection and lookbook.
Rodnik PhotoshootRodnik Band Lookbook

Mint M&Ms

Mint M&MsMy friend recently brought some of these M&Ms back from New York for me. They definitely didn’t disappoint – each one tasted like a little mouthful of mint chocolate chip ice cream! I don’t know whether to be sad or relieved that they don’t sell them at my local cornershop; in no time at all, I’d probably have a figure like that female M&M on the packet…

Good Enough To Eat

Delectable pastel-coloured print ads for Eos lipbalm by Juniper Park.