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Schwartz: The Sound of Taste

New Schwartz Advert 2014I really enjoyed this new TV spot for Schwartz, which is so visually pleasing and satisfying to watch. It’s also reminiscent of Sony’s recent 4KTV commercial, or the Canon Pixma ad by Dentsu, but I think that Grey – the agency behind this advert – have made the concept work for Schwartz and injected just the right amount of originality into it. The naturally vibrant colours look gorgeous together, and I like the way that they have decided to mix futuristic robo-appliances with those rustic spice sacks.

Women Of The Future…

Image“Women of the future will make the Moon a cleaner place to live.”

Damn straight we will! Radical sixties feminism, yeah! Future women – fellow pioneers of space travel, improving another planet through green energy and innovation. Exciting!

Hang on a second. I just re-read it. You mean that women are just expected to clean stuff on the Moon, like we’re expected to on Earth? Oh, shit…

Maximum Security Condoms

Condom PrisonThis print advert for Prime condoms by TBWA Buenos Aires is really funny. Click to enlarge the image – it’s a jism prison!

The illustration on this ad is by Marcus Santos.

Terrible Advice.

Coca-Cola Work It Out‘Great music can put the fun into vacuuming,’ claim Coca-Cola on their Work It Out microsite, ‘Crank up a fast-paced tune and burn some calories while you clean!’ they enthuse.

I really love Coca-Cola, but this site is ridiculously patronising and this is the stupidest fucking workout advice I’ve ever heard. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a decent ‘fast-paced tune’ and thought to myself, “You know what would make this track even better? The sound of a roaring hoover!”

Snapple Rebrand Concept

This rebranding concept for Snapple is really effective, and puts the brand’s current packaging and identity to shame. I’ve never actually tried Snapple before, because it looks as though it would taste cheap and sugary, and I’ve always found the words ‘juice drink’ quite offputting. If I’m looking for a cold drink, I usually select something deliciously unhealthy (oh hey there, sugary carbonated can of Coke!) or something purer – like water, juice or Purdey’s.
Unknown to me until I did some research into Snapple’s marketing, the drink is supposed to appeal to the same sort of people who would buy Vitamin Water or Purdey’s – i.e. health-conscious people looking for a tasty alternative to water. In this respect, Mai K. Nguyen‘s new design is particularly effective. The new Snapple identity is really cute and wholesome, and it looks as though this drink belongs in the same league as a brand like Belvoir or Bottlegreen. I could totally imagine neurotic yummy mummies buying Snapple for their children if it had this new design!

The Society of Good Taste

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky have rolled out a Facebook app with a difference – it actually turns away Facebook users from a brand’s fanpage. This isn’t a case of a monumental digital marketing fuckup either – the app has been developed for their client, Grey Poupon, to screen fans and play on Grey Poupon’s exclusivity. Does that sound elitist to you? Well good, because it’s supposed to be! I have to admit, I’d never actually heard of this brand of mustard before, which is strange because I definitely recognise its distinctive packaging, and the way that the traditional French colours look so nice against the mild yellow. Anyway, despite not being a Grey Poupon devotee, I love mustard and I’m into digital advertising, so I decided I’d better try out the app to see what Grey Poupon thought of me, before I made any decisions about what I thought of it!The app analyses your Facebook information – whether you use correct grammar on your status updates, what pages you have liked, places visited, education, number of friends, etc. and processes the findings to give you a taste rating. The amount of expletives that I use on my status updates clearly didn’t faze these fictional snobs, because I passed with flying colours!So, apparently I’m a pretty classy broad? Thanks very much, Grey Poupon. Brands take note – the right mix of flattery and exclusivity will win you new fans, both online and offline.

The Prince Harry Effect

This print ad from Lynx is hilariously bold, and an impressively rapid response to the stories surrounding Prince Harry’s recent Vegas shenanigans. The advert was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and has appeared in The Sun, which was the first newspaper to publish the pictures of Harry.

I can’t help but wonder if the brand managers for WKD are kicking themselves that Lynx have pipped them to the post on this one? I’m sure that they could have produced a similarly great advert for their product…