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Bits ‘n’ Bobs

Colourful baggiesOld cinema ticketsColourful ephemera found on Designspiration. One of my favourite ways to waste time is to play around with the colour palette feature on Designspiration. Sometimes really nice images appear as a result of what you might think would be a gross colour combination.

Faces Of Meth

Ecce Homo Faces of MethIf you do crystal meth, you could end up looking like a badly restored Ecce Homo painting!

Ellen Von Unwerth: Do Not Disturb

Ellen Von Unwerth has released a deliciously sleazy and kitsch video following her recent ‘Do Not Disturb’ exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery this summer. Styled like some kind of high-end, retro, pay-per-view channel, it will appeal to any voyeuristic fashion fan. It’s almost verging on being a little bit too pornographic, but the fun soundtrack keeps it cute and lighthearted, featuring the likes of Tom Tom Club, Cameo and Marvin Gaye.
You can watch it over on the Vs. Magazine site – naturally, it’s NSFW!

Lego Meth Lab

Solid proof that replicating things using Lego instantly transforms them into something adorably cool. Here is the meth lab out of Breaking Bad in Lego form. I never thought I’d say this about a meth lab, but…isn’t it sweet? Well played to whoever made it, it must have taken a lot of thought! The attention to detail on this is incredible.
More images here.

The Perfect Drug

If you could get a prescription for Louboutin, the majority of the female population would be SO much happier.