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Coca-Cola Play It Safe

Cat RaccoonAnother microsite from Coca-Cola – not as fun as Happiness Islands, but thankfully not as patronising as the Work It Out site either. This time, Coca-Cola have decided to create a game called, umm…Cat Or Not. Basically, everyone on the internet loves cats, so it strikes me as a bit of a lukewarm crowd pleaser. The game is harder than you’d think, although ultimately it’s fairly pointless. It never seems to end, nor is there any logical conclusion to it.

Come on, Coke, cut the bullshit. When are you going to just roll out more of those free money ATMs? We all know you can afford it!

Terrible Advice.

Coca-Cola Work It Out‘Great music can put the fun into vacuuming,’ claim Coca-Cola on their Work It Out microsite, ‘Crank up a fast-paced tune and burn some calories while you clean!’ they enthuse.

I really love Coca-Cola, but this site is ridiculously patronising and this is the stupidest fucking workout advice I’ve ever heard. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a decent ‘fast-paced tune’ and thought to myself, “You know what would make this track even better? The sound of a roaring hoover!”

Digital & Media Predictions 2013

Research agency, Millward Brown, have released their end of year report on digital and media predictions for the coming year. It’s quite a lengthy read, but I have selected the key learnings from the report to make for some lighter reading.

2013 Digital TrendsSee my summary here, on the Absorb Digital blog.
Read or download the full report here – Digital & Media Predictions 2013.

WE ARE Collision: Good To Go!

The magazine which I’m Editor-at-large for is finally back from the printers! I’m obviously pretty excited about it and can’t wait to see it on paper. Issue one is now available to read online, and hard copies of the magazine will be distributed this week.

There’s loads more amazing content on the website as well, and you can keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter, too.


I now have a Tumblr account. I’ve been trying to make it purely image-based. I don’t want one of those Tumblrs which is full of awful mantras and truisms – stuff like “Shitty situations inspire great solutions”, or “Carpe That Fucking Diem”, or whatever. Although Pinterest is much more user friendly, I prefer Tumblr on the whole. Pinterest is so bland in comparison, and the images found across Tumblr are way more diverse and interesting. Of course, there are still pictures of pastel shoes and chocolate cupcakes on Tumblr, not to mention the dodgy shots of naked fat women too, but the mixture of content makes it far more inspiring than Pinterest.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

The Museum Collection of Antoni & Alison is a quirky branding feature on the Antoni & Alison websiteOnce you have seen all the items in the digital ‘museum’, you’re then prompted to visit the online shop where you can browse and buy items from the current Antoni & Alison collection.

The Society of Good Taste

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky have rolled out a Facebook app with a difference – it actually turns away Facebook users from a brand’s fanpage. This isn’t a case of a monumental digital marketing fuckup either – the app has been developed for their client, Grey Poupon, to screen fans and play on Grey Poupon’s exclusivity. Does that sound elitist to you? Well good, because it’s supposed to be! I have to admit, I’d never actually heard of this brand of mustard before, which is strange because I definitely recognise its distinctive packaging, and the way that the traditional French colours look so nice against the mild yellow. Anyway, despite not being a Grey Poupon devotee, I love mustard and I’m into digital advertising, so I decided I’d better try out the app to see what Grey Poupon thought of me, before I made any decisions about what I thought of it!The app analyses your Facebook information – whether you use correct grammar on your status updates, what pages you have liked, places visited, education, number of friends, etc. and processes the findings to give you a taste rating. The amount of expletives that I use on my status updates clearly didn’t faze these fictional snobs, because I passed with flying colours!So, apparently I’m a pretty classy broad? Thanks very much, Grey Poupon. Brands take note – the right mix of flattery and exclusivity will win you new fans, both online and offline.