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Cardio Cinema

ImageI so wish that they had this in my gym! Instead, they play Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj videos…

Shangri-La: It’s In Our Nature

I’ve only just seen this ad campaign but thought I’d post it because of the wintry imagery and enchanting narrative – it feels kind of festive, plus I absolutely love wolves!

The video was directed by Bruno Aveillan, who was also behind the wonderful ‘L’Odyssée de Cartier’ ad from earlier in the year.

John Lewis: Two Worlds Collided

The new John Lewis TV advert is really beautifully shot and skillfully edited. It shows how the basic elements of romance and relationships transcend time – progress makes our methods of entertainment and communication more sophisticated, but the fundamentals haven’t changed that much. I especially love the girl’s 1920s wardrobe. I doubt I’m alone, and I think that if John Lewis brought out a twenties style heritage collection, it would probably fly off the shelves! The song used is originally by INXS, but the version in the advert is by Paloma Faith.

Pinback – Crutch

So often on Youtube, when a song doesn’t have an official video to go with it, the accompanying visuals are often just a picture or, even worse, an annoying slideshow with lyrics. It’s always really nice to see some quality fan-made videos on Youtube, which not only make the effort to provide some amazing visuals, but also succeed in interpreting the music really well.
One example of this is the video for ‘Crutch’ by Pinback, which features painstakingly selected scenes from the 1968 John Donne-directed sexploitation feature, ‘Alice In Acidland’. The film  has achieved cult fame in recent years due to its bizarre nature and amusingly outdated perspective on drugs. By most accounts, ‘Alice In Acidland’ is pretty rubbish. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make a great music video though, as you will see.

Kubrick’s One-Point Perspective

The editing on this video is fantastic – it’s such an effective and direct way to comment on Stanley Kubrick’s directorial style, and showcases so many gorgeous cinematographic moments in just under two minutes.

Vimeo user Kogonada, who made this video, has used the same technique to analyse the work of Wes Anderson and Quention Tarantino, too. All these videos make for interesting viewing, even if you don’t consider yourself to be much of a film buff.

American Psycho

I’m currently reading ‘American Psycho’ by Bret Easton Ellis. I haven’t seen the film yet, but if a film is based on a book then I usually like to read the book first. This means that there are always loads of films I’ve put off seeing, because I haven’t had time to read the novel first, but oh well.

Before I started reading ‘American Psycho’, I had just read ‘Notes On A Scandal’ by Zoë Heller. This book was so horribly disappointing, pompous and bourgeois that I needed something exciting, violent and funny to cleanse my palate. ‘American Psycho’ was the obvious choice. Obviously there have been some parts in it that have made me wince (animal torture, rape…you get the picture), but the book is supposed to be a black comedy and there are some parts in it that have really tickled me, most notably this one, where Patrick Bateman recalls watching a talk show on Nazis:

One of the Nazis, in a rare display of humour, even juggled grapefruits and, delighted, I sat up in bed and clapped.

I love the absurdity of this mental image! If it’s included in the film adaptation, I will probably sit up and clap too.

The Canyons

The first trailer for The Canyons is incredibly disappointing. Written by Bret Easton Ellis, the film sees Lindsay Lohan return to the silver screen and, according to IMDb, it’s a Thriller.

Not that you’d know that from this underwhelming trailer though – the only thing you’d get from this is that it’s set in L.A. This glossy video montage reminds me of a mixture of Gossip Girl and Made In Chelsea, if either of those shows were set in Los Angeles. Considering the song that’s been used is a mellow, self-indulgent number by Dum Dum Girls, it feels as though you’re definitely anticipating for the film to cut to Serena Van Der Woodsen checking her phone, or Millie Mackintosh tearfully packing her bags…you know, it just looks like some scripted reality/aspirational TV drama “filler” shots. While the shots themselves are beautiful, there’s just no action in this trailer at all. The aim may have been to make it appear enigmatic and mysterious, but the final outcome is that it looks as though nothing really happens in The Canyons, or that the trailer has been badly made. I want to like this film, so I hope it’s the latter and this teaser is just a bad attempt at, well…teasing.