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John Lewis: The Bear & The Hare

Angry BearThis grizzly bear is doing a pretty good job of aping my reaction to Christmas.

Everyone is going mental for the ‘touching’ John Lewis advert again, which is a blatant Animals of Farthing Hood rip off soundtracked by something no one needed to hear: Lily Allen covering Keane. It’s good, but obviously it doesn’t even come close to melting my ice cold heart or eliciting any kind of Christmas cheer from me. However, this touching tale of cartoon animals does carry an important lesson: if your BFF happens to be an apex predator, you might want to round up a few unwitting friends morsels in the hope that your carnivorous frienemy eats them first. Look how happy the bear is when he sees the meat feast he has woken up to…John Lewis Hare and BearAnyway, enough of my cynicism, here’s the actual advert, which was made by Adam & Eve/DDB and produced by Blinkink and Hornet. The animation really is lovely – and is the result of a lot of hard work – but I’d recommend muting it and playing something more appealing over the top.

Margaret Thatcher, Illustrated

Whatever you think of Margaret Thatcher, you can’t deny that she was an inspirational woman. For me, she inspires a kind of hatred, but I’m not going to go into that because I’ve spent the past few days talking about The Iron Lady and – to be perfectly honest – I’m tired of hearing about her. Having said that, I do like these illustrations of olde ‘Maggie’ by various artist types, so I’m posting them as a cynical attempt to get more hits on my blog. Sorry if you have arrived here expecting political commentary and debate – perhaps you should read this excellent piece by Russell Brand for The Huffington Post instead? However, if you’re into pictures of former British Prime Ministers…then you’re in luck!ImageTory Bachelor Wallpaper, by Matt Mclaren.

Margaret Thatcher Katelyn LizardiMargaret Thatcher, by Katelyn Lizardi.

Margaret Thatcher by Riot InkMargaret Thatcher, by Riot Ink.

Margaret Thatcher VinkoMargaret Thatcher, by Vinko Illustration.

ImageThe Iron Lady, by Matt Blease.

Satirical Portraits By AleXsandro Palombo

Bambi Fendi ChanelAleXsandro Palombo’s blog, Humor Chic, documents the happenings in the fashion world and beyond. Palombo’s take on the fashion news is both bitchy and funny – think Perez Hilton, but without the irritating omnipresence and with added talent and relevance. His shockingly hilarious pop culture illustrations both celebrate and ridicule fashion’s major players; Hedi Slimane is portrayed digging his own grave as he takes over at Saint Laurent, Anna Wintour cosies up to Barack Obama, along with whole host of far more ludicrous scenarios too.Humor Chic Fashion VillainsDonatella Versace, and John Galliano shortly after he drunkenly proclaimed his love for Hitler.Humor Chic CelebritiesCreatives, musicians and celebrities feature heavily, with the occasional politician or member of the monarchy making sporadic appearances as well. It really seems like when it comes to mockery, Palombo is a man after my own heart – he likes to turn his attention to a bit of everything. Below, he has portrayed Kate Middleton as some kind of power-hungry femme fatale who beats her husband and wants to kill the Queen! I think I kind of prefer her to the real Kate Middleton, who is pretty much the definition of passive, well-behaved marriage material. So blaaah.Humor Chic RoyalsHowever, not all of his portraits are derisive or mean – here is quite a sweet drawing of the late Amy Winehouse that he posted the day after her death.Amy Winehouse aleXsandro Palombo

Maximum Security Condoms

Condom PrisonThis print advert for Prime condoms by TBWA Buenos Aires is really funny. Click to enlarge the image – it’s a jism prison!

The illustration on this ad is by Marcus Santos.

Kurt & The Gang

Kurt & The GangDo you like Nirvana and cartoons? Yep? Good, just checking that we can be friends. Now, as a friend, I would recommend that you go and see Kurt & The Gang at KK Outlet in Hoxton. Do not delay, you only have six days left to see it!Christopher WorkerSean Morris Kurt & CourtneyKurt Cobain by Patrick SchmidtThe exhibition is being held to launch the Kurt & The Gang sticker book, by Bellykids, and features work by the likes of Elliot Stokes, Patrick Schmidt, Sean Morris, Christopher Worker and Murray Somerville.

Trust me, friend, you will like it.

MAN, You Suck…

MAN by Steve CuttsThis short animation by Steve Cutts shows how humans have been fucking up the world since the beginning of time. You’ll either find it shocking and saddening, or you’ll think it’s one of the best pieces of dark comedy you’ve seen in a while. I couldn’t help but laugh as this cartoon bastard goes on his awful killing spree. It reminded me of ‘Happy Tree Friends‘ – just the right mix of cute and vile.

Deerhunter – Desire Lines

Fantasia TechnicolourHere is another thoughtfully-made fan video from Youtube – this time, animation from Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ has been set to ‘Desire Lines’ by Deerhunter.