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Schwartz: The Sound of Taste

New Schwartz Advert 2014I really enjoyed this new TV spot for Schwartz, which is so visually pleasing and satisfying to watch. It’s also reminiscent of Sony’s recent 4KTV commercial, or the Canon Pixma ad by Dentsu, but I think that Grey – the agency behind this advert – have made the concept work for Schwartz and injected just the right amount of originality into it. The naturally vibrant colours look gorgeous together, and I like the way that they have decided to mix futuristic robo-appliances with those rustic spice sacks.

Colour Flux

Vibrant photographs of pigment, paint or ink moving through air or water.

I love the way these images convey movement beautifully, and it’s great that even though these artists and photographers are all essentially using the same technique, so many beautiful and astonishing results can be achieved. Here are some of my favourites…

Mark Mawson

Luka Klikovac

Corrie White

The above image is by Linden Gledhill. It is one of many shots, taken while filming a commercial with Dentsu London. The effects were created by putting paint on top of a powerful speaker and seeing the paint react to the vibrations from music! Although the pictures created are amazing, and are so rich and solid they appear to have been molded out of plastic, actually seeing the paint in motion is even cooler. Watch the beautiful advert for Canon Pixma in its entirety…

In my opinion, this ad is far better than the bouncing balls Sony one that everyone goes on about. Especially as the Canon Pixma ad is soundtracked by gorgeous, contemplative classical music, as opposed to Jose Gonzalez’s bland version of “Heartbeats”.