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Cameron, You’re Doing It Wrong

ImageOh, Dave. That’s not how you show off about your dinner on social media. You’re supposed to take a picture of the actual food – duh!

Back To Work!

After four days of glorious lie-ins over the Easter bank holiday, these ads for Pramila International Tea by Inter Publicity feel very appropriate…HELL tea advert OH NO tea advertPramila Tea International Shit

Digital & Media Predictions 2013

Research agency, Millward Brown, have released their end of year report on digital and media predictions for the coming year. It’s quite a lengthy read, but I have selected the key learnings from the report to make for some lighter reading.

2013 Digital TrendsSee my summary here, on the Absorb Digital blog.
Read or download the full report here – Digital & Media Predictions 2013.

Guardian Jobs

Weird Guardian Jobs advertNice one, Guardian Jobs. This is exactly what I want from a potential job – hatred from my friends. I was actually considering a career as an estate agent or a traffic warden, but this one is so much more ‘me’!

London Shop Fronts

London Shop Fronts‘ is an engrossing blog by Emily Webber that focuses on the facades in London that aren’t of the bland high street variety. From the quirky to the scummy and abandoned, there really are some fascinating gems on this site. I can’t help but smile whenever I see one that I recognise, or a picture of a local establishment. There are literally thousands featured, so I haven’t been able to look through all of them, but take a look at some of my favourites below.I loved Pine-oak-eo’s. I was so glad that it was included! This shop used to be near me, on Whitecross Street, and it always used to amuse me with its silly pun-based name and lovely hand-painted Disney sign. After years of meaning to take a picture of this place, I finally missed my chance when it was eventually boarded up by developers. Another charming piece of derelict London that’s been lost forever…

Metamorphosis of Motel 6

I’ve never stayed in a Motel 6 motel before, so I have no idea what they’re like as a company. However, I love this ad by The Richards Group that shows how a traditional American family have changed while Motel 6 have been in business. It’s very conventional, and the family remains nuclear (no single parent scenarios or same sex couples – this is designed to appeal to your average middle American, after all) but I quite like that about it. It gives it a nostalgic feel throughout, even when the family progress to the contemporary stage, with their modern day car and iPad.