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Marilyn Manson For Saint Laurent

Marilyn Manson Saint LaurentMeh, Westwood did it first AND she did it better…Marilyn Manson Vivienne Westwood 2005

They Sent Their Briefs Back

TBWA South AfricaWhat’s the best way to piss a client off?

Perhaps you could ignore the brief they sent you? You might just decide that the agency knows best and go against their wishes completely? But how about going one step further. You could tear up the brief completely, make a bit of poncy origami with it…and then use extra resources to make your own self-promotional video, documenting the whole ‘fuck you’ process!

This is exactly what TBWA South Africa did. Although, I suppose they did have a valid point to make…

I’m guessing that while they were making this video, their ATL department probably were taking care of those original briefs, though. A nice idea if you have the resources, but probably not a possibility for most small agencies.

Tyler The Creator Directs Mountain Dew Ad

ImageNo, seriously. Tyler, the Creator has directed and starred in an ad for Mountain Dew. It gets weirder, though – he voices a female goat called Felicia…a really violent goat, who gets some kind of hallucinogenic kick out of drinking Mountain Dew.

Klub 7: Kool As Fuck

Klub 7 ExhibitionKlub 7 Wild StyleKlub 7 Robotron TVKlub 7 Coca ColaReally great stuff from Klub 7, a German art collective who have been creating wall murals, illustrative pieces and customisations for over a decade. Although they are made up of six members, all of the work shares quite a distinctive style. Unsurprisingly, they’ve been commissioned to work on projects for the likes of Levi’s, Boxfresh, Adidas, Red Bull and Coca Cola (above).

Make Music in the Shop with Red Stripe

This entertaining stunt by KesselsKramer involved turning a regular Dalston off-licence into an interactive musical experience, which was activated whenever an unsuspecting customer decided to pick up a can or bottle of Red Stripe. Devices were cleverly integrated with existing products on the shop floor and shelves – and in some instances actual food items were used to create the sounds. This presented an element of risk, because it was entirely possible that someone could pick up some instant noodles which were intended to act as maracas! However, as you can see from the video, the idea was successfully executed and received a warm reception. Below you can see how some seemingly innocent stock items were turned into digitally-activated DIY instruments.Watch the making of the video here.

PRISM by Keiichi Matsuda

The 2012 London Design Festival sees Veuve Clicquot team up with Keiichi Matsuda and The Victoria & Albert Museum to present ‘PRISM’, a digital art installation which is displayed in a part of the V&A that visitors have never had the chance to visit before. I managed to get tickets for the very last day of the tour, so I’m looking forward to seeing Matsuda’s piece. ‘PRISM’ uses data from UCL CASA’s CityDashboard and other open data sources, to visualise London on the sculptures many facets. The above images are both digital renderings of the piece, but now it’s complete some photographs of the sculpture have began to surface.

The Society of Good Taste

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky have rolled out a Facebook app with a difference – it actually turns away Facebook users from a brand’s fanpage. This isn’t a case of a monumental digital marketing fuckup either – the app has been developed for their client, Grey Poupon, to screen fans and play on Grey Poupon’s exclusivity. Does that sound elitist to you? Well good, because it’s supposed to be! I have to admit, I’d never actually heard of this brand of mustard before, which is strange because I definitely recognise its distinctive packaging, and the way that the traditional French colours look so nice against the mild yellow. Anyway, despite not being a Grey Poupon devotee, I love mustard and I’m into digital advertising, so I decided I’d better try out the app to see what Grey Poupon thought of me, before I made any decisions about what I thought of it!The app analyses your Facebook information – whether you use correct grammar on your status updates, what pages you have liked, places visited, education, number of friends, etc. and processes the findings to give you a taste rating. The amount of expletives that I use on my status updates clearly didn’t faze these fictional snobs, because I passed with flying colours!So, apparently I’m a pretty classy broad? Thanks very much, Grey Poupon. Brands take note – the right mix of flattery and exclusivity will win you new fans, both online and offline.