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Brewed In Hell

Bitches Brew Beer PackagingI’m not much of a beer drinker, and I never have been. I have started working in a pub and they always have loads of different types of guest beers on that change every week. Recently, I’ve had the chance to try and get more acquainted with different beers (mainly because I hate it when a customer asks me to recommend something and I have to admit I’m not sure, or ask one of my co-workers for help). I’ve found quite a few that I like now, particularly Camden Hells Lager, Rocky Head Zen American Pale Ale and Redhook Longhammer IPA.

Enough about taste, though – I’m sure you know what beers you like. When it comes to marketing beer, it’s quite rare to see branding that is particularly cool or eye-catching, with a lot of brands – particularly mainstream breweries – plumping for classic designs, paired with adverts that are geared towards men. I do find it a little uninspiring that there isn’t a beer that has been successfully, but subtly, marketed towards women. Not because I feel incensed that women are being ignored, but just because it seems like a bit of a no-brainer to me – men already enjoy beer, why wouldn’t you want to increase your profits by selling your product to women as well? I suppose that most attempts have been pretty weak, with breweries attempting to repackage their beers as girly alternatives to sparkling wine, making them fruitier and sweeter. That’s why this project for a fictitious brand of beer, Bitches’ Brew, is pretty great. I love the modern gothic design and I’d probably try and like Bitches’ Brew even if it tasted awful! It reinforces beer as a choice of drink for a woman who is cool and maybe a little bit tough – after all, it is a drink for ‘bitches’.Bitches Brew BeerBlack Cat Bottle TopBitches Brew BrandingThe design was done by Wedge & Lever, a California-based design studio. Unless they decide to actually start conjuring up this Bitches’ Brew, I suppose I’ll just stick to drinking spirits. However, if a brand were to take quite a dark, sophisticated approach to marketing beer to women, I reckon it could be hugely successful. Unfortunately, I have already found something called ‘Chick Beer’ which used Curlz MT as the font, with an emphasis on the lower calorie content of the product. Bitch, please…

Make Music in the Shop with Red Stripe

This entertaining stunt by KesselsKramer involved turning a regular Dalston off-licence into an interactive musical experience, which was activated whenever an unsuspecting customer decided to pick up a can or bottle of Red Stripe. Devices were cleverly integrated with existing products on the shop floor and shelves – and in some instances actual food items were used to create the sounds. This presented an element of risk, because it was entirely possible that someone could pick up some instant noodles which were intended to act as maracas! However, as you can see from the video, the idea was successfully executed and received a warm reception. Below you can see how some seemingly innocent stock items were turned into digitally-activated DIY instruments.Watch the making of the video here.

Hate Mail by Mr. Bingo

I really want this book by Mr. Bingo. It’s a collection of postcards that he has sent to fans over the years, in a series titled ‘Hate Mail’. Fans of the illustrator would pay £20 for him to send them a funny and insulting piece of hate mail on a vintage post card. Of course, Mr. Bingo didn’t personally know the recipient, so it’s unlikely that he’d be able to say something too cruel. A lot of the insults were hilariously silly things like the two pieces shown below…And some of the time, Mr. Bingo would just take an educated guess, like with the hate mail he sent to John in Liverpool…I love this concept, and would really like a piece of Mr. Bingo’s hate mail for myself. However, until he starts accepting new requests, I can at least get my hands on a signed copy of his book at the launch this Thursday – apparently he will sign each one with a personal insult, so I look forward to seeing what he comes up with for me! Guests will also be served burgers by Byron and ‘Hate Ale’ – brilliant.

Guinness Paint It Black

Guinness have got a long history of brilliant adverts, and this latest commercial continues that tradition.

Conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by Daniel Wolfe of Somesuch & Co, the ad reminds us about Arthur’s Day, a celebration of Arthur Guinness. This year, the event takes place on September 27th 2012.

Eternal Summers – You Kill

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl make friends. Boy and girl go to a party. Girl makes some more friends. Boy misses his chance with girl. Boy takes his way-too-drunk best friend home. Girl wants to stay at party.

Oh, mayyyn!

Branded Venues

The Mojito Embassy, Milan
The aesthetic of Havana Rum’s Mojito Embassy is gorgeously Cuban – and just look at all those fresh limes ready to be made into delicious mojitos. I bet it must smell as good as it looks in there! Although this was only in Milan for two weeks, there are plans to take it on tour, with a scheduled stop in Britain – I’ll definitely be keeping a watchful eye out for it.

Cointreau Privé pop up bar, ParisI was really disappointed to have missed out on the Cointreau Privé pop up in London, which was created with the help of Dita Von Teese. The one above doesn’t have any Von Teese involvement, but what it lacks in celebrity, it certainly makes up for in beautiful decor and ambience. Unfortunately, this pop up venue was in Paris and finished on April 28th, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be enjoying a cocktail in these delectable surroundings either.

Johnnie Walker House, ShanghaiThe Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai was created to cater for China’s rapidly growing luxury market. The house is only open to selected guests (the rich and famous, basically!) and they are educated in the history of whiskey and the Johnnie Walker brand. Naturally, there is lots of sampling involved too…

Heineken Club, MilanThis innovative venue was created from scratch by Heineken for Milan Design Week 2012. Inside the club were interactive games and unusual immersive experiences – such as cutting-edge video mapping technology that created an interactive connection between the crowd and the DJ.

The Guinness Deep Sea Bar, somewhere in the Baltic SeaA space age bar in a submarine, deep under the Baltic Sea – pretty fucking amazing.

Anyway, I suppose that now Carlsberg don’t have an excuse not to open their own nightclub, they must be bricking it a bit. They made some pretty big claims back when they did their “Probably the best…” series of ads. Come on then, Carlsberg – show us what you’ve got!