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Diddo’s Cocaine Skull

ImageCheck out this new piece by Diddo, who I previously featured because of his beautifully extravagant piece ‘The Cure For Greed’. This latest commission was for a private client, who I’m willing to bet is some kind of professional gangster, or at least likes to think they are. The skull is made of cocaine, held together by just a small amount of gelatin! Diddo Cocaine SkullChances are that you can’t afford to have an artist create a conversation piece for you out of something like cocaine, which is both illegal and expensive, but how about having your skull with a different kind of Colombian export?Skull Coffee You can easily get hold of some sugar skulls on Etsy, but these ones by Snowviolent are the best I’ve seen.Sugar CrossbonesSugar skullActually, I think I kind of prefer these because of the scale. I’m always impressed by tiny, intricately-crafted things.

God’s Own Junkyard

ImageToday I headed up to Walthamstow to visit Chris Bracey’s huge studio on Vallentin Road – God’s Own Junkyard. Peeking through the locked iron gates, it really does look just like a junkyard, but once inside it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of neon treasures.Chris Bracey studioI don’t know whether it’s because of the junkyard’s location, or if it’s because not that many people know about it, but when my friend and I showed up at around 2pm on a Saturday – a peak time for visitors in most places – we were lucky enough to be the only people there.The man who works there, John, is really friendly and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of pretty much everything stored in the studio. He was happy to show us round, pointing out props and signs that had been in various films, like Tombraider, Eyes Wide Shut, and the newest installment of the Iron Man films – a huge ‘STARK’ sign. I really can’t recommend this place enough; I’ve never been anywhere else like it!Neon art

Kim Kardashian Street Art in Los Angeles

ImageImageHilarious pastings of Kim Kardashian by the LA street artist BumBoy WC.

Evan Hecox’s Paintings on Newspaper

Ideal HosieryI’m totally in love with these Evan Hecox pieces and his overall artistic style. Not only do these paintings make me want to own some of Hecox’s work, but they make me want to start making art of my own again. The fusion of painting and collage works so well – the use of gouache paint is so precise and skilled, but the vintage newspaper adds in a Dadaist influence which offsets what might otherwise be bland, figurative perfection. However, to my mind these compositions are perfect. I want them all!Bethnal GreenEvan Hecox Garry JewelersJJS Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge Evan Hecox

Pat Falco’s Craigslist Portraits

Pat Falco is a hilarious illustrator whose imaginative drawings portray the sort of people who post some of the more bizarre Craigslist adverts. The great thing about them is that most of the time, they’re spot on – the short caption that has been attributed to the character appears to match them perfectly. Stylistically, the series resembles some of Michael Landy’s drawings, but because of how silly and genuinely funny the subject matter is, I can’t help but be reminded of the work of Chris (Simpsons artist) and Andrew Rae as well.

The Alchemy of Light

‘The Alchemy of Light’ is a fantastical one-man spectacular by A Dandypunk. This Cirque du Soleil performer also happens to be a dab hand at projection mapping, illustration, animation and a whole other host of talents! The coordination in this video is so impressive, and must have taken so much planning and practice. I bet it felt great to finally nail all the moves in line with the projections.

Forever 27 Club

Michael Gillette‘s ‘Little Angels’ series portrays dead musicians when they were children. The ones I’ve chosen above are all members of the infamous ‘Forever 27 Club’, but his portraits also include 2pac, Biggie Smalls, Whitney Houston and Jeff Buckley, to name a few. Because of Gillette’s subject matter and technique, I can’t help but be reminded of Annie Kevans’ paintings. I worked on her FAS solo exhibition in 2009, which was brilliant because I really love all of her pieces and the inspiration behind that particular set.