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12 Shoes For 12 Lovers

Sebastian Errazuriz Shoes12 Shoes For 12 Lovers is a project by sculptor Sebastian Errazuriz, where the artist has drawn inspiration from previous relationships and trysts, creating shoes in their honour. My favourite pairs from the set are the red “Heartbreaker” shoes and the black “Boss” shoes (pictured above). I’m not sure how practical either pair would be – that cupid’s arrow could get caught on things, and the “Boss” heels are far too pointy for a novice like me to walk in – but I really like both of these playful designs. I’m into accessories and shoes that have a bit of tough charm to them. I get a lot of compliments on a Mafia necklace I have, which has teeth on it, and I have coveted these Terry De Havilland boots from the moment I first saw them…Terry De Havilland Knife BootsSeriously, they are fucking magnificent.

Louis Vuitton Spoof

Louis Vuitton JourneysBrilliantly simple spoof of the Louis Vuitton ‘Journeys’ campaign. The original features the likes of Angelina Jolie and Keith Richards, with straplines like, ‘A single journey can change the course of a life’ and ‘Some journeys cannot be put into words’.Angelina Jolie Louis VuittonKeith Richards Louis VuittonAnd here’s the spoof one by Daniel Pianetti, which uses a court photograph of the increasingly ridiculous Lindsay Lohan. The tag line reads: ‘Some journeys have no end.’ Oh, Lindsay…Lindsay Lohan Louis Vuitton

2012 Highlights

It’s been a pretty big year for Shameless Self-Promotion. I guess you could say that this blog has now served its purpose, because I finally landed myself a paid job in advertising, which I really enjoy! However, I still really like blogging, so I’m not going to stop. Here are the posts that got the most hits this year – and from what I can tell, it would seem that people on the internet are still totally enamoured with cute stuff…

ABSOLUT UniqueAbsolut Unique bottlesThese psychedelic one-of-a-kind bottles by Absolut proved to be a hot topic. Definitely a successful idea from Absolut, which surely generated a lot of hype and a lot of sales.

Cute Advert AlertZingy EDFWhen EDF rolled out the first TV ad starring Zingy, everyone started going batshit crazy, wondering where they could buy some Zingy merchandise. Unfortunately, EDF didn’t bother manufacturing any Zingy toys, which is odd because there was so much demand for it. I’m fairly certain that if they had made some Zingy plush toys that were given to new EDF customers, a lot of people probably would have switched their energy provider. It sounds like a patronising move, but let’s face it, people want this shit.

And Dior Created WomanThe new Dior advert, starring the delightfully Bardot-esque Daphne Groeneveld had fashion fans asking, “Who’s that girl?!”

Tres Bien, Ray-Ban!Ray Ban Never Hide 1965Ray-Ban’s rebellious print ads got the kind of attention that they deserved.

Choupette Lagerfeld in V MagazineChoupette + KarlIt seems apt in the absurd, beautiful world of fashion that one of the newest icons is a cat – namely, Karl Lagerfeld’s feline friend, Choupette. Her shoot in V Magazine with Laetitia Casta caused a fair amount of interest because, on the internet, cute cats pretty much rule supreme.

Kim Kardashian obviously cottoned onto this, briefly becoming the owner of Mercy – a teacup Persian kitten. Sadly, Mercy is no longer around because Kim Kardashian is totally self-obsessed and has no soul she contracted a virus and died…poor little thing. But then, having said that, you know that she really has gone on to ‘a better place’.

Louis Vuitton Presents: Voyage dans le Temps

Jérémie Rozan, founder of Surface to Air, has directed an excitingly futuristic video for Louis Vuitton’s jewelley line. Soundtracked by Justice’s ‘Planisphere‘, and starring Alana Zimmer, everything works together perfectly. See it for yourself by watching the video!

Photographic Fashion

The latest Hermès collaboration is with artist Hiroshi Sugimoto for a line of limited edition scarves. The ombré photographic prints work amazingly well on silk, and create a vibrant simplicity. Below, you can see three of the scarves and their corresponding Polaroid original. The chic simplicity of these gradient colours make for beautiful and timeless scarves, but I’m really interested to see how these slightly more experimental prints would look on fabric. The series is entitled ‘Ruined Polaroids’ by William Miller, and the output is the result of a broken Polaroid camera which produces faulty pictures with abstract, uncontrollable swathes of colour. I love the aesthetic – they’re like an organic version of a glitch. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare €7,000 to spend on a scarf, then you can buy a limited edition Hermès/Sugimoto creation right here…you smug bastard!

The Art of Packing

I have long been a fan of the site Things Organized Neatly (even if the Americanised spelling of ‘organised’ does make me feel a little uneasy), so you can imagine my delight when I saw this oh-so-just-so microsite by Louis Vuitton, which employs a very similar aesthetic and shows you how to pack your bags to crease-free, space-saving perfection.

As Louis Vuitton is well-known for its luggage range, it makes sense for the brand to play on this notoriety. However, even if you’re not fortunate enough to own LV luggage and all the outfits to go inside it, you can still pick up some useful tips on how to pack with style. The site instructs you how to pack your clothes properly, based on what type of bag you have and also shows you the correct way to fold garments.

You can either watch an animated guide, or use the interactive guide, where you click and drag to fold items.

Now the only thing left for me to do is book a holiday. Fingers crossed!

Lowlife To Luxe

Interesting accessories from Antiatoms and Cast Of Vices.

These whimsical leather bags are modelled on real paperbags and lunch bags.  Not sure how practical they’d be, but I like the idea all the same.

As soon as I saw this Cast Of Vices bracelet, I loved it. But I couldn’t decide whether I should admit to loving it. Most of the time I trust my own taste, but like most people, sometimes I do have a lapse of judgement (here’s an example – the first time I heard Tulisa’s new song, I kind of liked it).

It probably didn’t help that the rest of the Cast Of Vices collection contains some seriously lame drug and alcohol inspired jewellery, so you can show off your “vice”. It struck me as quite juvenile and seemed like the kind of stuff I’d wear when I was a seventeen year old rebellious wannabe. This gold plated wristband bracelet is a little different though – I really like the way that they have replicated something that is so commonplace and disposable and turned it into a high end piece to be worn all the time.

Conversely, people who wear actual festival wristbands long after the festival is over really wind me up. I don’t care what they might say about it being a “momento” or whatever, I’m convinced that the scruffy bastards who sport this trend just want people to know that they’ve been to several festivals. They might think they’re cool, but it’s really just not a good look. Wearing old festival wristbands only makes you look like you listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers a lot and use the words “chillax” and “epic” quite liberally. I’m no Anna Wintour or anything, but as far as I’m concerned taking off a void wristband is up there with regularly trimming your nails.