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Avoid A Same Dress Disaster

Harvey Nichols Same DressThis time last year, Harvey Nichols helpfully showed us poor, clueless girlies how to avoid looking like a slaggy trainwreck – basically if you do the ‘walk of shame’ in a designer outfit, then somehow it’s not shameful at all, and you won’t look like the fat slutbag pictured below. Look, see how that passing woman in the sensible black coat gives her a look of pure scorn – and so she should!Harvey Nichols Walk of ShameNow, Harvey Nichols have returned for the party season with some pointers on how to avoid the awkward ‘same dress scenario’ – simply buy a dress that no one else at the party can afford, duh!

The Eagleman Stag by Mikey Please

This breathtaking animated short by Mikey Please tells the story of a scientist who is obsessed with time. While the pared down minimalistic style might look as though it is made using CGI, the amazing truth is that the whole thing has been produced through foam models and stop motion, with shadows and highlights being employed to create the illusion of movement. At 8 minutes long, I can’t even fathom how much time and effort this film took to make, but it deservedly picked up awards from BAFTA, AFI, South by Southwest, the British Animation Awards, Chicago International Film Festival and LA Film Festival…and that’s not even the half of it!

The Fresh & Onlys – Presence Of Mind

‘Play It Strange’ was one of my favourite albums of 2011, so if you don’t know who The Fresh & Onlys are, I’d definitely recommend that you give that album a listen. The San Francisco five piece have just released a new single, which I love, and now you can watch the very odd video that accompanies it. It was directed by Dawn Carol Garcia from the aptly named SpaceOut Productions.

The new album, ‘Long Slow Dance’ is out on Mexican Summer now – you can buy it here.


Remember Chatroulette? The site that you’d go on for a laugh, and nine times out of ten you’d end up having to click “Next” on a load of anonymous erections before finally finding someone you could talk shit to? Well, Brussels-based agency Famous have taken that bizarre internet fad and used the concept to make something adorably useful. Catroulette is a site which allows cat enthusiasts to watch videos of cats. The difference is that these cats are actually up for adoption and so, if you happen to live in Belgium, owning the kitty you see onscreen can actually become a reality. When I used the site, this seriously chilled out cat was still available…
Pretty cool for an adoption drive, although Pedigree Chum‘s award-winning Doggleganger site from last year is still top of its game. Developed by Colenso BBDO, the site uses facial recognition software, to pair you with a real-life homeless dog that looks like you. Even if you’re slightly skeptical about the software’s accuracy, you can’t deny that it’s a good idea – it’s so flattering! The below screen grab shows the classy hound that it decided I’d be best taking home with me – a sweet glossy-maned, Beagle mix puppy.Aww, Doggleganger, you’re too kind! If I lived in Auckland, I’d definitely be sold that this little pup was meant for me.

Dead Disco

Distorted disco balls form the installation ‘Quelle Fête’ by art collective Rotganzen. The Rotterdam-based group consists of Dutch artists Robin Stam, Joeri Horstink and Mark van Wijk. This piece is both absurd and beautiful, and it embodies the ultimate party detritus. Remember how, if you had a birthday party with balloons, the balloons would later go all gross and flaccid, with bits of dust sticking to them? Eventually you’d get tired of seeing them, and you’d pop the balloons and throw them away. These floppy mirror balls are like a glamourous, grown-up version of that – they’re kind of sad and deflated, but they retain a comedy element which makes the whole installation so playful and fun.

Matthew Stone for i-D: The Just Kids Issue

This is a great behind the scenes video for Matthew Stone’s shoot in the upcoming issue of i-D magazine. I feel very lucky to be able to say that I have worked with Matthew, and he is truly a maverick and a visionary. When I first started working with him I was in a bit of a dark place, but his positivity and calmness is contagious. Spending time with Matthew in his studio totally changed my outlook on life and I look back on those times fondly. Here are some of the shoots that I assisted on.Photography – Matthew Stone
Styling – Matthew Josephs
Models – Shaun Ross @ AMCK / Omari @ Select / Nino
Make up – Daniel Sallstrom using Illamasqua
Hair – Teiji Utsumi

Florence Welch for Clash magazine
Photography – Matthew Stone
Styling – Matthew Josephs

Work Hard And Be Kind

When pursuing a competitive career path, it seems to be the way that we’ve been encouraged to be assertive, ruthless…even aggressive! We’ve all heard the sayings – nice guys finish last and it’s a dog eat dog world. Often, being nice within the workplace has been seriously undervalued. Fortunately, there seems to be a shift towards appreciating virtuous workers, and this could prove to be extremely beneficial for ambitious women. Women are usually conditioned to be caring and nurturing, something which has sometimes led to them being overlooked in favour of fiercely competitive “alpha males” who are willing be quite cutthroat in order to get that pay raise or promotion. Frequently, kindness can be seen as some kind of weakness. Meanwhile, women who have adopted this “go getter” attitude are seen as duplicitous, dismissive bitches – people who are not only emotionally unavailable, but unlikeable too. Think of how the media portrays Anna Wintour, for example. In popular culture we see TV and film characters such as Wilhelmina Slater (Ugly Betty), Cruella De Vil (Disney) and Lynette Scavo – who also undermines and emasculates her husband in Desperate Housewives.

The rise and fall of Rebekah Brooks is a brilliant case in point. Previously, she had been ruthless, charming, and smart; a move that paid off as her career skyrocketed and she rose to become one of the most respected and powerful women within the British media. Her downfall? She behaved in an immoral way – something which has now made her a hate figure since the phone hacking revelations were made public. By contrast, “nice guy” Tom Pellereau winning The Apprentice proves that you don’t have to be a hard nosed businessman or a boardroom ice queen to come out on top. It sounds obvious, but you really can get by on talent and kindness as long as you don’t let your colleagues walk all over you. Being nice doesn’t mean being a doormat – you can still criticise or fire someone in a courteous, decent way. Here are a few tips on how to inject a little niceness into your working life, without jeopardising your quest for success.

1) Give yourself credit where it’s due. Make sure your co-workers know they are appreciated, but don’t let your praise for them upstage the hard work you have also put in.

2) Be confrontational, but do it in a tactful way. If you feel like a colleague has wronged you, don’t let them get away with it! Speak up, because they might not even be aware of it. Be polite and straightforward, and try to be impersonal about it.

3) Be constructively critical. If you don’t point out the mistakes of others, then how will they correct them? Being too nice is inefficient and can set up a co-worker or a subordinate for a pitfall. If something’s wrong, be sure to point it out, but do it in private and sugar coat it a little if necessary.

4) Make it worth their while. When you give an honest and fair appraisal of other people’s work, it ensures they feel more valued. Yes, we know that it’s their job, and they are being paid to be good at what they do, but commending people when they excel at something makes them feel proud and eager to please. A few appreciative gestures increases workplace morale and efficiency, with minimal effort.

5) Fake it! If you secretly cannot stand the people in your workplace, try and focus on their good points. If you let them irritate you, this will only make your working life harder. Remember – you do not have to actually make friends with these people, you just have to be charming enough to ensure that they’re on your side. Saying “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me”, and giving someone the occasional smile can really work wonders for your 9-5 life.

Don’t forget – you may need to watch your back when climbing the corporate ladder, but having other people to watch your back for you can make it a little easier!