Margaret Thatcher, Illustrated

Whatever you think of Margaret Thatcher, you can’t deny that she was an inspirational woman. For me, she inspires a kind of hatred, but I’m not going to go into that because I’ve spent the past few days talking about The Iron Lady and – to be perfectly honest – I’m tired of hearing about her. Having said that, I do like these illustrations of olde ‘Maggie’ by various artist types, so I’m posting them as a cynical attempt to get more hits on my blog. Sorry if you have arrived here expecting political commentary and debate – perhaps you should read this excellent piece by Russell Brand for The Huffington Post instead? However, if you’re into pictures of former British Prime Ministers…then you’re in luck!ImageTory Bachelor Wallpaper, by Matt Mclaren.

Margaret Thatcher Katelyn LizardiMargaret Thatcher, by Katelyn Lizardi.

Margaret Thatcher by Riot InkMargaret Thatcher, by Riot Ink.

Margaret Thatcher VinkoMargaret Thatcher, by Vinko Illustration.

ImageThe Iron Lady, by Matt Blease.

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