They Sent Their Briefs Back

TBWA South AfricaWhat’s the best way to piss a client off?

Perhaps you could ignore the brief they sent you? You might just decide that the agency knows best and go against their wishes completely? But how about going one step further. You could tear up the brief completely, make a bit of poncy origami with it…and then use extra resources to make your own self-promotional video, documenting the whole ‘fuck you’ process!

This is exactly what TBWA South Africa did. Although, I suppose they did have a valid point to make…

I’m guessing that while they were making this video, their ATL department probably were taking care of those original briefs, though. A nice idea if you have the resources, but probably not a possibility for most small agencies.

7 responses to “They Sent Their Briefs Back

  1. Erm, hardly ‘pissing off’ clients – they got a ‘450% workload increase, if they really wanted to ‘piss them off’ as you said, they could simply have taken a shit, wiped their arse on the brief and sent that, skid marks and all, back to them. Ergo, pissed off client, loss of client. This was an exercise in arse kissing to impress, not ‘piss of client’…

  2. Yeah…I was clearly joking here. I get the point of the video, I was just interpreting it literally – you know – for comic effect and all that? But thanks, once again, for pointing out the obvious to me. Really appreciate it.

    • Well if you don’t like the responses it provokes then don’t post it in the first place. ‘Yeah…but thanks, once again, for pointing out the obvious to me. Really appreciate it.’

      • Hahaha! What a ridiculous thing to say. You’re the only one who’s responded to it negatively, and I don’t write my blog for you.

      • Why would I expect you to write a blog especially for me? Where are the other comments if the joke was so funny? Obviously your mocking a bunch of ponces by being a ponce yourself, thats the funny part, all I said was that it still lead the ponces to (apparently) increasing their workload…do the world a favour, stop having your head up your arse…take a day off eh… 😉

  3. This article is absolutely hilarious! Fucking love your blog. Good job! X

  4. So funny! Great article I love it also. sf1378 – take your negative, lonely comments back to your corner and tuck into your meal-4-1. Jockey.

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