Tesco’s Month of Doom

Tesco Chip Shop AwardsIt’s been a rough old month for Tesco, what with the horsemeat scandal. Although the contamination affected many supermarkets, Tesco has taken most of the flack for it. However, that’s not even the only problem they’ve had to deal with. Check out this slew of negative headlines from February alone!

Tesco Heroin Bread Tesco HorsemeatTesco Armband Tesco Clubcard FraudDead Bird Tesco Salad Tesco Worst SupermarketTesco Van Horse Death Tesco Builders BumOuch. When I read the ‘Builder’s bum’ story, I couldn’t help but think that it was a truly tenuous attempt by The Mansfield and Ashfield Chad to stick the knife in! So what have Tesco done to try and combat this backlash? What could possibly help to restore the public’s faith in the company after this tidal wave of bad publicity?
Mel C TescoAhh, yes, honouring everyone’s least favourite Spice Girl with a ‘Mum of the Year’ award should do the trick!

I think that their PR director must have spent most of February crying themselves to sleep, before restlessly dreaming about waking up in the morning to this…Horsehead

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