In Tind We Trust

Hand Printed Business CardsWell, I didn’t think I’d ever be so enthusiastic about getting some business cards made. Although, these are some pretty special business cards – they would make Patrick Bateman jealous. I found Tind‘s work over on Behance and I was really excited about it. He’s pretty much taken the Absolut Unique approach to printing business cards, meaning that you end up with crazy Hapshash-style psychedelic designs. Because of the traditional methods used, I haven’t seen anything like this before – the gradient style ones look so superior to ones that have been created digitally. The process is shown below and there are more photos on Behance and Tind’s Facebook page, too.Tind Ink Press Tind Printing PlateTind inks up the plates, often using two or three colours, and sometimes adding swirls and lines – just experimenting with strange effects, really. In later print runs he’s started to layer up different colours, which is more time-consuming but can produce some amazing effects. The card Tind uses also varies in colour, weight and texture – meaning there are even more limitless combinations.Psychedelic Print Tind Print RackThe cards are left to dry and then cut down to size.Tind Random Business CardsFinished Business CardsI can’t wait to see how mine turn out! I’m going to scan my favourite designs and I will post the results when they’re ready. The only problem is, I’m not sure I’ll actually want to give my business cards away to people…

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