The New Pointillism

I don’t have fond memories of first learning about pointillism in secondary school. I hated the dull little scenes made out of dots, hated the distinctive impressionist colour palette…and especially hated having to imitate the style by creating a picture using cotton buds. No wonder the style was first ridiculed when it was an emerging movement! However, these modern incarnations of pointillism are definitely to be admired – the creation of texture and depth through the use of fragmented marks is really surprising in some instances.

Federico Pietrella has used date stamps to build up these images. Really quite amazing when you think about rubber stamps – one thing that I always remember about those tricky fuckers is that the ink would very rarely distribute itself evenly.

Eric Daigh‘s pushpin portraits have a great pop art quality to them, and the scale means that Daigh hasn’t sacrificed any detail by using this ‘unorthodox medium’.

Christian Faur‘s images remind me of anaglyphs. Using crayons to form the subject has added a rich variety of tone and depth because of the pointed wax tips.

The Human Printer is a project by Louise Naunton Morgan, who painstakingly recreates old printing techniques by hand.

Koalas To The Max is a fun little site that I found through The Useless Web. If you’ve got a bit of time to kill, then you can reveal an image made of dots just by using your mouse – no skill or cotton buds required!

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