Chilli AgaAsparagus AgaOnion Aga Pepper AgaThese print ads by Cogent Elliott really show that AGA is trying to establish itself as a modern, luxurious, forward-thinking brand. While an AGA is obviously a very expensive choice of cooker, I can’t help but link it to the countryside. It doesn’t make me think of busy urbanites – it conjures up images of capable farmer’s wives, or any of the Primrose Hill set in their second homes in the Cotswolds. These new adverts seem to do quite a good job of throwing off the somewhat stuffy, high-maintenance assumptions. Not only are the iTotal Control range of AGAs powered by electric, as opposed to traditional fuels, but they can be powered remotely; meaning that it’s entirely possible to slow cook a casserole to perfection without worrying that it might burn. The fact that this smart technology exists within such an iconic traditional range of cookers is really useful, and I think that it would definitely pique the interests of wealthy city dwellers who are trying to achieve a better work-life balance, and really value efficiency.

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