Hate Mail by Mr. Bingo

I really want this book by Mr. Bingo. It’s a collection of postcards that he has sent to fans over the years, in a series titled ‘Hate Mail’. Fans of the illustrator would pay £20 for him to send them a funny and insulting piece of hate mail on a vintage post card. Of course, Mr. Bingo didn’t personally know the recipient, so it’s unlikely that he’d be able to say something too cruel. A lot of the insults were hilariously silly things like the two pieces shown below…And some of the time, Mr. Bingo would just take an educated guess, like with the hate mail he sent to John in Liverpool…I love this concept, and would really like a piece of Mr. Bingo’s hate mail for myself. However, until he starts accepting new requests, I can at least get my hands on a signed copy of his book at the launch this Thursday – apparently he will sign each one with a personal insult, so I look forward to seeing what he comes up with for me! Guests will also be served burgers by Byron and ‘Hate Ale’ – brilliant.

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