Lust / Lust / Lust

Here are some beautiful things that I’d like to own. All of them are quite masculine objects, focused around engineering and physics, but I’m so drawn to their polished surfaces and ergonomic curves.These iXoost bespoke docking stations are hand-crafted in Modena, Italy. The old exhausts of supercars form the structure, which is then coated in the metal of your choice. They are fully customisable and start at an eye-wateringly expensive £4,070.

The neon numbers and chrome base of this Nixie tube clock remind me of classic Americana fifties design, particularly Wurlitzer jukeboxes and Airstream trailers.

The Art Deco Henderson motorcycle, above, belongs to New Yorker Frank Westfall. The vehicle design has that whole distinctive Film Noir aesthetic to it, but I’ve never seen a motorbike like this before…it’s so lovely, I want to touch it.

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