Just Like Honey

These artists have used sweet treats as the basis for their art works, and I don’t just mean inspiration! Some are actually made of sugar and toffee… 
Skye Kelly has chosen the unique medium of toffee for her sculptures, which look incredible. The form of the pieces somehow embody fragility and strength, and the resulting colour gradient is really appealing to me. At its most concentrated, the toffee appears treacle black, but fades to a beautiful translucent gold at the finest tips. This is one art installation which, quite literally, looks good enough to eat.

Canadian artist, Shelley Miller, creates tiled murals made out of icing sugar and edible blue paint. The subjects of these murals are often topical and relate to the sugar trade and the shipping industry. Because of the materials that Miller uses, the murals are only temporary. The above images show that her 2009 piece – ‘Cargo’ – has degenerated due to rain in Montreal, but in poorer countries Miller’s work has been gradually eaten by hungry children.

The melted ice cream truck is a sculpture titled ‘Hot With The Chance of Late Storm’, and is by The Glue Society. Appropriately, this featured at the 2006 Sculpture By The Sea, in Sydney. I can’t help but think that if this piece were to appear on an English beach, it might look a bit sad – less ‘melted’, more ‘dissolved and washed away’…

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