Tame Impala – Elephant

I love this new single by Tame Impala. Although they have still retained their mellow sound, they have added a foot-stomping beat to it and some trippy disco synths. The finished result, titled ‘Elephant’ is incredible! The video, which was created by artist Yoshi Sodeoka, possesses all the attributes that I’ve now come to expect from this genre of music – chromatic effects, kaleidoscopic visuals and vivid colours. This neo-psychedelic aesthetic is beginning to look sort of clichéd and predictable, but I still like it, so I’m not going to whine about the fact that bands are kind of doing it to death.

4 responses to “Tame Impala – Elephant

  1. Word of introduction–

    I found you because you commented on the same Bernay’s post I did.

    I want you to know that, entirely on your recommendation, I have invested 99 cents of my hard earned money at the iTunes store, purchasing Tame Impala latest release.

    I have yet to listen to it. It is literally still downloading.

    Be certain, dear girl, you shall hear from me if this track doesn’t kick.

    Just a friendly word of warning!! 😉



  2. The track kicks. Thank you for the recommendation. I shall consider you a reliable recommender from here on.

    Happy to share recommendations with you.

    “The Magic’s in the Music”

    Success to you and your magazine!!


  3. Allow me to give you my recommendations.

    I’m giving you 3 because I’m likely to suggest some you already like.

    1) Niki & The Dove, “DJ, Ease My Mind”
    2) The Script, “Hall of Fame”
    3) Los Straitjackets, “Jet Set”


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