London Shop Fronts

London Shop Fronts‘ is an engrossing blog by Emily Webber that focuses on the facades in London that aren’t of the bland high street variety. From the quirky to the scummy and abandoned, there really are some fascinating gems on this site. I can’t help but smile whenever I see one that I recognise, or a picture of a local establishment. There are literally thousands featured, so I haven’t been able to look through all of them, but take a look at some of my favourites below.I loved Pine-oak-eo’s. I was so glad that it was included! This shop used to be near me, on Whitecross Street, and it always used to amuse me with its silly pun-based name and lovely hand-painted Disney sign. After years of meaning to take a picture of this place, I finally missed my chance when it was eventually boarded up by developers. Another charming piece of derelict London that’s been lost forever…

One response to “London Shop Fronts

  1. Thanks Leonie, glad you’re enjoying the blog. Sadly some of the best ones are now gone, I will try and catch the rest before they do!

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