The Cure For Greed

‘The Cure for Greed’ by Dutch artist Diddo is an iconic art object which consists of a 24-karat gold plated syringe, two 24-karat gold needles and a 5ml crimp-sealed serum vial, containing one dose of stabilised pure dollar ink. It comes packaged in a monogrammed custom-made mahogany or walnut box, and the whole thing took about four months to make.

The serum is probably the most interesting and ludicrous item in the box – this is because the reconstituted ink comes from around $10,000 worth of US banknotes. The incredible manufacturing process is shown in the short video below, which some viewers may find disturbing. No, seriously. I haven’t been shopping in months, and Diddo’s video contains scenes of cold hard cash being whipped up in a blender. Proceed with caution if your rent’s overdue or if you’ve never had a trust fund.

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