Pinback – Crutch

So often on Youtube, when a song doesn’t have an official video to go with it, the accompanying visuals are often just a picture or, even worse, an annoying slideshow with lyrics. It’s always really nice to see some quality fan-made videos on Youtube, which not only make the effort to provide some amazing visuals, but also succeed in interpreting the music really well.
One example of this is the video for ‘Crutch’ by Pinback, which features painstakingly selected scenes from the 1968 John Donne-directed sexploitation feature, ‘Alice In Acidland’. The film  has achieved cult fame in recent years due to its bizarre nature and amusingly outdated perspective on drugs. By most accounts, ‘Alice In Acidland’ is pretty rubbish. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make a great music video though, as you will see.

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