Rainy Days (And Nights)

Yesterday evening I got caught in the rain on the way home. I’m beginning to feel a sharp chill in the air and I think our Indian summer might have finally come to an end. ‘Tis the season for a brolly…I love this film noir-esque editorial, photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby for The Gentlewoman magazine.

Not so long ago, I wrote about a beautiful kinetic rain sculpture in Singapore’s Changi airport. What I failed to realise, is that Bruce Munro has created some similarly amazing rain-inspired installations a little closer to home. The one featured above was in Salisbury Cathedral and is called ‘Light Shower‘.

This upcoming installation at Barbican sounds really exciting, and so much fun. Called ‘Rain Room‘, it is exactly that – a room full of rain. However, what makes ‘Rain Room’ amazing is that you can walk through it without getting wet! The installation senses your movement, which means you control where the rain falls. The commission runs from October 4th 2012 until March 3rd 2013, and is the brainchild of contemporary ­art studio, rAndom International. The image below shows a previous installation by rAndom International, which is in a similar vein.  ‘You Fade To Light‘ is an interactive installation that translates its viewer’s mirror image into light. Like ‘Rain Room’, it is stimulated into activity by the movement of the participant.

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