Snapple Rebrand Concept

This rebranding concept for Snapple is really effective, and puts the brand’s current packaging and identity to shame. I’ve never actually tried Snapple before, because it looks as though it would taste cheap and sugary, and I’ve always found the words ‘juice drink’ quite offputting. If I’m looking for a cold drink, I usually select something deliciously unhealthy (oh hey there, sugary carbonated can of Coke!) or something purer – like water, juice or Purdey’s.
Unknown to me until I did some research into Snapple’s marketing, the drink is supposed to appeal to the same sort of people who would buy Vitamin Water or Purdey’s – i.e. health-conscious people looking for a tasty alternative to water. In this respect, Mai K. Nguyen‘s new design is particularly effective. The new Snapple identity is really cute and wholesome, and it looks as though this drink belongs in the same league as a brand like Belvoir or Bottlegreen. I could totally imagine neurotic yummy mummies buying Snapple for their children if it had this new design!

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