The Society of Good Taste

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky have rolled out a Facebook app with a difference – it actually turns away Facebook users from a brand’s fanpage. This isn’t a case of a monumental digital marketing fuckup either – the app has been developed for their client, Grey Poupon, to screen fans and play on Grey Poupon’s exclusivity. Does that sound elitist to you? Well good, because it’s supposed to be! I have to admit, I’d never actually heard of this brand of mustard before, which is strange because I definitely recognise its distinctive packaging, and the way that the traditional French colours look so nice against the mild yellow. Anyway, despite not being a Grey Poupon devotee, I love mustard and I’m into digital advertising, so I decided I’d better try out the app to see what Grey Poupon thought of me, before I made any decisions about what I thought of it!The app analyses your Facebook information – whether you use correct grammar on your status updates, what pages you have liked, places visited, education, number of friends, etc. and processes the findings to give you a taste rating. The amount of expletives that I use on my status updates clearly didn’t faze these fictional snobs, because I passed with flying colours!So, apparently I’m a pretty classy broad? Thanks very much, Grey Poupon. Brands take note – the right mix of flattery and exclusivity will win you new fans, both online and offline.

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