Remember Chatroulette? The site that you’d go on for a laugh, and nine times out of ten you’d end up having to click “Next” on a load of anonymous erections before finally finding someone you could talk shit to? Well, Brussels-based agency Famous have taken that bizarre internet fad and used the concept to make something adorably useful. Catroulette is a site which allows cat enthusiasts to watch videos of cats. The difference is that these cats are actually up for adoption and so, if you happen to live in Belgium, owning the kitty you see onscreen can actually become a reality. When I used the site, this seriously chilled out cat was still available…
Pretty cool for an adoption drive, although Pedigree Chum‘s award-winning Doggleganger site from last year is still top of its game. Developed by Colenso BBDO, the site uses facial recognition software, to pair you with a real-life homeless dog that looks like you. Even if you’re slightly skeptical about the software’s accuracy, you can’t deny that it’s a good idea – it’s so flattering! The below screen grab shows the classy hound that it decided I’d be best taking home with me – a sweet glossy-maned, Beagle mix puppy.Aww, Doggleganger, you’re too kind! If I lived in Auckland, I’d definitely be sold that this little pup was meant for me.

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