Lee Broom’s Modernised Classics

Lee Broom is a furniture designer who combines lighting elements with classic styles of furniture to form a wonderful pastiche of interior design trends.Broom’s crystal bulbs are made in collaboration with experts at Cumbria Crystal, the sole remaining producer of handmade English full lead crystal in the UK. Each ‘bulb’ actually contains an LED light inside, instead of the traditional filament, and this means that the LED can be replaced when it finally expires.
Part of a limited edition of twenty-five, the ‘Electric Louis’ is hand carved in Mahogany, lacquered to a high gloss finish and then accented with neon lighting. This chair is so gorgeously feminine and sexy! It feels really weird describing a piece of furniture as “feminine” or “sexy”, but I think it would work so well in a look book for Agent Provocateur or an Ellen Von Unwerth photograph.Based on a classic Chesterfield design, the buttons on this overstuffed leather chair have been replaced with LED light fittings and capped with a fairground bulb casing. The lights can be programmed to move in the same way a fairground ride would, or they can be programmed to be still.

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