ABSOLUT is a brand that have firmly established themselves as creative participants and supporters of the arts. Frequently aligning themselves with cool institutions such as Dazed & Confused magazine and The Saatchi Gallery, the company have now gone one step further by creating 4 million limited edition bottles. You’re probably wondering what’s so special about an alcohol brand putting out a limited edition bottle. Well, here’s the thing – each one of the 4 million bottles is a true limited edition, and no two are the same! In order for this momentous project to be realised, the whole design process had to be rethought. Watch the video below to see how ABSOLUT have managed to pull off this hugely ambitious initiative.

4 responses to “ABSOLUT Unique

  1. These things all come from that one big idea, simple yet awesome! It’s great how they tackled this, love a lot of their campaigns!

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