Looking For That Special…Stalker?

The Guardian publishes an article on their website about a man who was stalked by someone who recognised him from a dating website. Slaps an ad for its own dating website alongside said article.

Yeah, probably not the best place for it! Anyone who reads that article and then thinks, “That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to give this online dating thing a try…” should probably be looking into some more, um, ‘specialist’ sites. They’d be better catered for if they set up some kind of ad in a classifieds section, saying that they were a masochist looking for someone to dominate them!

2 responses to “Looking For That Special…Stalker?

  1. Hello! Just to clear up, I didn’t meet her on a dating website, she recognised me as having been on the same site as her when I was in a pub and introduced herself…


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