Viral Stars Team Up With Brands

Remember this spoof viral video that ad agency John St. made?

Well, it seems as though they weren’t that far wrong, as UNIQLO and Virgin America have recruited Maru and Boo, respectively, to get their brands some easy internet attention.

Japanese clothing retailer, UNIQLO, have selected Maru – the adorably fat cat with a penchant for climbing into boxes – to star in the interactive Lucky Cube game.I played this game twice, and both times Maru picked the ‘mystery prize’, which turned out to be a free track by some Portland singer-songwriter who I’d neither heard of, nor cared about. At the end, I was prompted to input my details in order to claim my prize, but not even Maru’s sweet face could convince me. I was really disappointed in him, especially when he had been so close to winning me a blimp ride…apparently.

Virgin America, on the other hand, opted to keep things simple and upload a behind-the-scenes video of a photoshoot they’d done with Boo.

The video has accumulated over 150,000 views in the space of a week. The internet’s certainly not going batshit crazy for it or anything, but that is still a pretty decent statistic!

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